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  • their front seven is really ridiculously good, and by the way, they're banged up its safety.

  • But their secondary has been covering everyone, and all three levels of the defense have been taking the ball away.

  • Have been creating turnovers.

  • And then you look at the Chiefs missing their two best offensive line players, both offensive tackles out.

  • There's not gonna be a pocket from a homes.

  • There's gonna be pressure off the edges on Mahomes and think of the weapons on Li O.

  • J.

  • Howard isn't available on a fence.

  • They have name brand running backs who still have gas in the tank behind an offensive line that was playing absolutely elite this season, the Bucks have an elite offensive line.

  • Top five.

  • The Bucks have receivers everywhere you look.

  • No one's even talking about Antonio Brown in this game.

  • They have so many receivers.

  • The Onley reason the Chiefs air favored, really, when you analyze it replaced Mahomes with any other quarterback.

  • I don't believe their favorite.

  • I think that people don't even realize how good they think Mahomes is.

  • That's the reason the Chiefs air favored.

  • I also liked them toe win, but I consider that an upset when I analyzed the game.

  • If I took my homes out, just put another great quarterback in.

  • I wouldn't be taking the Chiefs.

  • Yeah, but to me, just my personal thing is that makes no sense because of my homes.

  • Is everything that you say he is Unless he's playing, unless they're planning on kidnapping him or he's getting injured prior to the game or something, he's going to be there and because he's going to be there.

  • And you combine that with the level of greatness you've religiously talked about him being in possession off, that I'm sorry.

  • That puts the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at a decided disadvantage.

  • Then, when you take into account the fact that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers they've got a top eight defense, they are number one against the run.

  • And who are they going against?

  • A team that could give a damn about running the football because they want to pass all day?

  • Okay, and oh, by the way, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ranked 21st against the pass, and their worst performance against the past was against the very team that they're about to go in the Super Bowl against when they gave up 269 yards passing to Tyreek Hill, all by his lonesome 207 yards in the first half.

  • I just look at it from the standpoint.

  • Do I give the Buccaneers a chance?

  • Yes, I dio, because I think when you look at the weapons that they have, whether it's Gronk, whether it's Antonio Brando, Mike Evans, Chris Godwin's assuming Chris Godwin catches balls and he's not dropping any footballs.

  • I like him.

  • But damage?

  • You've been dropping too many balls.

  • Chris Godwin.

  • Stop dropping the damn football, Okay, you gotta take those things into consideration.

  • I'm just looking at it from the standpoint that those weapons give them about a 30% chance of winning this game.

  • But that's about all because I think that Kansas City is such a juggernaut offensively, that whatever it is, and I'm also remembering Tom Brady threw 33 interceptions in the second half against Green Bay.

  • You can't make any mistakes against Kansas City.

  • Can't do it.

  • You do that, you're going to pay a very, very, very heavy price.

  • And by the way, Max, I don't think the first game was as close as the score indicated.

  • I think that Kansas City took their foot off the gas.

  • They would up till 17 and nothing lead in the first quarter.

  • They could have ran away with it, but they just don't do that nearly as much as they should.

  • I think the Super Bowl is a different ball game, however, and I expect them to win this game, even though I got the final score being 38 34 You're talking about the Chiefs offense, and that is why I like the Chiefs, because I think Mahomes is gonna perform yet another miracle.

  • He's a miracle that he's gonna perform a miracle and beat him, but there's gonna require a miracle.

  • The Bucks, By the way, Tom Brady.

  • All the Super Bowls were close.

  • He doesn't blow anybody out and he doesn't get blown out there.

  • They always seem to come down to the wire.

  • That'll be the case of 28 3, and I like What's that?

  • They were down 20 But how did it end?

  • I'm just saying, if they don't if they're down 28 to 3 to Patrick Mahomes, you think they Oh, here's the thing.

  • The Chiefs Red zone.

  • Defense is a real weakness for them.

  • It's really not good, bad red zone defense.

  • And as much as we're focusing on the Chiefs offense and how it doesn't matter how good the Bucks defense's Mahomes will find a way with Tyree killing Travis Kelsey and these guys.

  • What about the Bucks offense?

  • The Bucks have an elite offense.

  • Tom Brady in a big game, as we know, is deadly.

  • And look around.

  • Evans, Godwin, Abbe, Scotty Miller drunk is there like they have multiple tight ends with an offensive line that's playing elite.

  • We're not paying enough attention to the Bucks offense versus the chief's defense.

  • It's the biggest match mismatch in the game.

  • Well, that's why we're expecting Kansas, UH, Tampa Bay to score points.

  • The problem is, we don't expect them to score enough points, and nobody assuming that Kansas City's gonna hold Tampa Bay's offensive complete check is just enough check for Mahomes toe walk away.

  • You got a four point champion.

  • I got a four point game.

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their front seven is really ridiculously good, and by the way, they're banged up its safety.

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