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  • - I cannot say enough good things about the women

  • that have come in.

  • - It's good fun to have some of these people

  • drop in now.

  • - It's lovely to have contemporary female perspective.

  • - They are there, and they're there in a big way.

  • - This show really started with two women, Monica and Beth.

  • Season three was almost like handing the baton.

  • - There were a million things that made me wanna

  • be on this show.

  • - It was really exciting, because it was the first time

  • I had gotten to come onto a show as a fan.

  • - This kind of genre of the American frontier

  • is like catnip for me (laughs).

  • - It literally fires your imagination

  • in the best kind of ways.

  • - It was really great to dive into the world of Yellowstone.

  • - Hey, what's your name? - Teeter.

  • - Jen Landon, who plays Teeter (laughs),

  • she's just wild.

  • - Teeter is a character that you just can't prepare for.

  • - She's a badass, and Jen does a great job

  • at pulling it off.

  • - Teeter is the new addition to the bunkhouse.

  • - She's a hand.

  • That character, Teeter, is something else.

  • - The first time when she was on camera,

  • I actually had to walk out of the room,

  • because I was laughing so hard.

  • - My character in particular can't really hardly

  • even understand her.

  • - Do you ever wonder why there's lizards

  • in the mountains but no snakes?

  • - Uh.

  • - Whatever wild antics exist in the bunkhouse,

  • Teeter takes it to a new level.

  • - Mia and Laramie, they're barrel racers.

  • - Barrel racers are a bit like rockstars,

  • where, you know, they're just trying to have a laugh

  • and a good time.

  • - Brings a different type of woman that we haven't seen.

  • - The girls are causing a ruckus, to say the least.

  • - Mia and Laramie just literally barrel into the bunkhouse.

  • Just going their own speed.

  • We helped ourselves to your beer, hope you don't mind.

  • - There's a lot of energy to keep up with.

  • - And so it gives the bunkhouse boys a run for their money.

  • - These new additions makes for a really fun dynamic.

  • - Your game kinda has to get upped a little bit.

  • - There is no protection from me.

  • - Q'orianka, she's just a fabulous actress.

  • - Angela Blue Thunder is just a force of nature.

  • - She's powerful and she has a lot to bring to the table.

  • - She's quite the counterpart to Beth Dutton.

  • - You know what they say about making deals with the devil.

  • - We're swimming with the sharks now,

  • and the ladies are the real sharks.

  • - For the first time Beth has an equal.

  • - Willa Hayes comes to Yellowstone to close a deal.

  • We're squashing this bug today.

  • - She's formidable and just fierce.

  • Karen, who plays Willa, I just felt like her

  • and I were gladiators.

  • - Kelly Reilly is a lot of fun to work with.

  • - It was probably the most fun I've had all season.

  • (country music)

- I cannot say enough good things about the women

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