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  • is crunch time here on the jump.

  • And thank you, Laura, By the way, age 40.

  • Sue Bird returning to the Seattle Storm.

  • She spent her entire w N b a career.

  • They're starting in 2002.

  • Now, Paul, you don't retire to you were 39.

  • So I feel you.

  • You've got some simpatico was su here.

  • But you did switch teams.

  • How impressive is this?

  • And she's ban into this.

  • This is impressive and she's still doing it at a high level.

  • It just shows the testament of her hard work.

  • She's excited.

  • I love Suber.

  • I followed her since college.

  • And, man, the players today, they could play longer than ever before.

  • Because of dedication, they put to their bodies and the hard work they put in on the court.

  • We're starting to see a thing around here.

  • Chris, Paul, Tom Brady, Steph Curry.

  • Way got Seubert.

  • Yeah, athletes.

  • They're gonna play longer.

  • They're gonna stay stronger and healthier.

  • Uh, like I said, it's just too many things out there to help them.

  • But I'm just happy as a fan to get the watch.

  • Super played more basketball because, like Paul said, she still killing.

  • You're still winning and winning at a high level.

  • So I love it, and I love sort of the way she has been entrenched in.

  • That whole team has been entrenched in the Seattle community the way the athletes on different teams in that market support each other.

  • Russell Wilson wearing a Super jersey earlier this season.

  • And it's funny every time I hear people say, Oh, they gotta bring basketball back to Seattle Basketball is in Seattle.

  • Thank you.

  • We would like the Sonics back.

  • I said it in the beginning of this show.

  • But Seattle has basketball, thank you very much.

  • And now they have more of Seubert.

  • Alright, guys.

  • Monday's Pistons Nuggets game postponed last night, minutes before its scheduled tip due to contact tracing within the Pistons, the MBA announced there is an inconclusive test fizz.

  • Do you like the way the MBA handle this?

  • I mean, yeah, I think this is the right thing.

  • Go ahead, Paul.

  • I mean, yeah.

  • I mean, they have to do No, They have to do what they have to do.

  • I mean, we've been through were in some unusual times.

  • Uh, so where so many games have been postcode due to the contact tracing.

  • And you know, this is for the safety measurements for the league and the players, and I applaud them for making that decision simple for me.

  • You could replay games.

  • You can't relive lives.

  • That is a great way to put it again, though, absolutely bringing up the question.

  • And that's what I was referring to in the last segment with the All Star Game.

  • What if they get an inconclusive right before the All Star Game?

  • And by the way, this is a window into right?

  • This is a window into how the league is handling this now again.

  • They made sort of a switch about three weeks ago, saying, We're going to take sort of the extra layer of precaution, not just removing the player but actually postponing the game because of the chance.

  • And we still don't know what it is, But they felt like there was enough of a chance of on court spread on court contact with they originally, we're not that concerned about.

  • They have now become more concerned about.

  • So if you are doing this for regular games on a Monday night, I am curious.

  • How are you going to guard against this for the All Star Game.

  • But again, let's wait and see what happens because we all want one.

  • It would be fun if we had one.

  • Let's guys go over to Malik Monk because he came off the bench last night, had his best scoring night of his career, dropping 36 points.

  • Helped lead the Hornets.

  • They beat the Heat in overtime while we were talking in the break.

  • You've really You've always liked monks since he was in college, right?

  • Yeah, I like the way he's been professional.

  • Malik has not been getting a lot of playing time, and for him to come in when the opportunity calls for that just shows his professionalism.

  • And I just hope moving forward.

  • They confined some minutes for this guy because this guy can play.

  • I mean, it's obvious.

  • Look at what he was able to do after not playing many minutes.

  • Come out and get your career high.

  • He could help a team out.

  • Yeah, he can.

  • He could definitely be that that fireplug off the bench, you know, that could score points and big numbers.

  • He's got that size like Lou Williams.

  • He's not a big guy, but he's savvy.

  • He's quick, he knocks down shots and the and the guard corps.

  • For Charlotte moving forward, their future is looking pretty bright.

  • Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content, subscribe Thio, ESPN plus.

is crunch time here on the jump.

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