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  • Wednesday on ESPN and the app to of the teams in the East.

  • The top dogs squaring off Pacers in Milwaukee to take on Yannis the Bucks at seven Eastern, then the sun squaring off against Lyon and the Pelicans.

  • That is going to be fun.

  • Alright, guys.

  • Adrian Jordanovski, reporting the path toward the All Star Game being played March 7th is progressing not only with the game itself in Atlanta, but also having a skills challenge that same night, Paul, with the logistics added risk and holding a secondary event.

  • How are you feeling about this?

  • Move right now?

  • You know what, Rachel?

  • This is one of my favorite times of the year.

  • Just seeing the stars comes together.

  • I'm glad that MBA is moving toward trying to make something happen.

  • I mean, this is when you get to see all the stars on one court playing together, you always put your hand.

  • What if What if these guys play with each other?

  • And that's what's so fun about watching the All Star Game?

  • Yeah, this is I'm really happy they're doing this.

  • This is, uh I think it's important, you know, it is showing progress, but I also think on a deeper level is important because the MBA made a commitment to social justice to getting people out to vote.

  • And a lot of that resonated in the state of Georgia right there, also in the hotbed of Atlanta.

  • And so I think it's opportunity for the N B.

  • A and not only bring out the stars like Paul said, and make it so fun for everybody in the time that we need it.

  • But I also think it gives them a chance to show people that we haven't forgotten about our message when it comes to criminal justice and when it comes to voting and doing the right thing.

  • So I really hope they go forward with this, and I'm looking forward to watching it.

  • Well, I love that idea.

  • And as we saw certainly with LeBron and the Atlanta Hawks fan, there's fans in the building in Atlanta.

  • I don't know if they have decided yet whether there would be fans in the building for an All Star game.

  • I hate to be the one bringing up the like, you know, maybe safety safety.

  • I know it's boring I to love All Stars.

  • One of my favorite events of the year.

  • I think it represents the best of what this league is about.

  • People in the league office have pointed out to me that the Players association really is on board with this.

  • They're not making the players do this.

  • The players want to be doing it as you just heard from Paul.

  • That being said it is.

  • It is mixed messaging to tell teams you can't even high five or hug each other.

  • It is mixed messaging to be postponing games in advance.

  • They remember they kind of change the way they were approaching postponements and saying, Hey, if a team has a positive, we're gonna postpone a game or two so that it doesn't mix with another team and have on court transmission.

  • If that is your attitude towards safety right now, taking 24 guys from 20 different teams and mixing them all up with no pre quarantine period and then sending them back to their home markets, it is, ah, higher risk.

  • I hope nothing comes of it.

  • I hope they get lucky.

  • If this happens.

  • I hope everyone's happy, healthy and safe.

  • I'm not looking for anything to go wrong.

  • But I'm concerned, and I would I would be remiss if I didn't express that.

  • So let's see.

  • Let's cross our fingers and see what happens.

  • I do want to get to something else that happened last night because the two teams in the league with the longest winning streaks are yes, just like we expected the Grizzlies and the Rockets.

  • Memphis won its seventh straight last night, routing the Spurs.

  • The Grizz haven't lost since January 7th people now they were paused for nearly two weeks in that stretch due to Cova protocols, again just relating to what I was just talking about anyway.

  • The Rockets won their sixth in a row over the thunder while hitting a franchise record 28 threes.

  • Paul, I just want to say that one more time now without James Harden on the team is when they set a game franchise record for threes.

  • So one streak impresses you more.

  • The Grizzly Streak or the rocket streak?

  • Well, I think that the the grisly streak impresses me more.

  • I think the Rockets have a lot of talent over there with Oladipo, John Wall, Uh, and but this guy right here, he's my favorite player in the league.

  • Toe watch John Moran.

  • I mean, who expected Memphis Thio come out like this?

  • I mean, a lot of people are just casual fans couldn't even tell you the other four starters on this team, but this team is exciting to watch.

  • He's one of the great young stars we have in this league, and I'm excited for Memphis moving forward.

  • They had a chance to make the playoffs.

  • Hopefully, they do this year because John Moran is something special.

  • I like that, Paul.

  • He is electric.

  • But I gotta tell you, I'm so impressed with Houston right now, they have more turmoil going on in any other team in the league.

  • By far so many things swirling around them.

  • You got guys trying to reboot their career.

  • You bring in older Depot late.

  • You know, a lot of these guys didn't get to play together and do training camp.

  • And all that time, that hardened stuff was hanging over him.

  • And so to see them, you know, really forging ahead and put in a good season together with everybody thought that that team was most likely gonna be out of the playoff picture early on You got to give a lot of credit to Coach Silas and the coaching staff because, you know, that was a lot of noise that was dealing with.

  • Have this team playing this well, I think it's awesome.

  • Look at those numbers, by the way, that we just flashed up against the Rockets, I believe, first in defense since the deal, right since the trade, first in defensive efficiency.

  • E.

  • That's remarkable now.

  • The offensive efficiency?

  • Um, a little bit different.

  • But first in defensive efficiency.

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Wednesday on ESPN and the app to of the teams in the East.

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