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  • (clearing throat)

  • (singing in operatic voice)

  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Denim] Wow, look, it's like the real thing!

  • Well, I'm a classically trained opera singer,

  • so I do sing every day.

  • - I don't do a ton of that stuff 'cause I don't think

  • Jimmy necessarily does a lot of vocal warm ups.

  • So I think that any kind of roughness or hoarseness is

  • probably pretty true to his life in the given circumstances.

  • - And if I'm on set, then I'll do

  • curls, push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches.

  • - I wish I did push-ups, that would be a good ritual.

  • I like to eat a lot--

  • and drink a lot of coffee.

  • (bell) Third round.

  • (bell continues to ring 9 times as cast talks in background)

  • (gasp) - [Denim] Yeah.

  • So first of all, catering on Yellowstone is phenomenal.

  • - It's incredible!

  • - Yeah, we have about four or five meals a day.

  • - You know, there will be, like,

  • desserts and ice cream and everything.

  • - If you're bored, you'll put on weight

  • 'cause you'll just end up meandering towards the food

  • like livestock.

  • - Because I take care of my health,

  • I have a very specific diet.

  • I'm not saying that they don't,

  • they do take care of their health.

  • - Denim, all he eats is seaweed chips.

  • It's ridiculous, I don't know how he doesn't whither away.

  • - Denim is the healthiest eater I've ever met in my life,

  • and I always eat with Denim,

  • so I feel like I usually eat two meals.

  • - And then he'll see me and I have, lettuce, and fish--

  • he's like, yeah, no, what I meant to say was like,

  • stupid ice cream, and sugar stuff,

  • I want to get that!

  • - I'm like, guess I'll have some fish and like,

  • two leaves, please.

  • - And then, when I'm not there, he's like,

  • I think I forgot a fork.

  • - And then I'll just eat everything else.

  • (bell)

  • - Now I'm hungry.

  • (upbeat music)

  • - The highest maintenance?

  • - [Interviewer] Yep.

  • - Denim, 100%.

  • - I think that I am probably the highest maintenance person.

  • - It's me.

  • I'm the high maintenance one.

  • - He's the highest maintenance person we--

  • No, absolutely not.

  • - He doesn't require anything.

  • - I've got to have a team of experts

  • reassemble my hair line every shooting day.

  • - He's on the cusp of growing facial hair, any year now.

  • And he's got perfect skin, 'cause he's 17.

  • - Who'd you say is - I'm coming for you.

  • - high maintenance, did you say yourself?

  • - [Denim] Yeah.

  • - I said myself too - [Denim] I know.

  • - That shows how good we are. - [Denim] And I said--

  • I said that you were wrong.

  • - It's not fair to accuse either of those guys

  • of being high maintenance, and they're not, you know?

  • They're both rough and tumble real cowboys, you know?

  • A couple of hard guys from the country.

  • - Is that Paw Paw Cream?

  • (upbeat music)

  • - [Ian] Are you guys filming this?

  • - [Cameraman] No, (laughter) definitely not.

(clearing throat)

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