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  • - Last thing I need is a love-struck cowboy.

  • - There was a line that, if they were gonna get a girl,

  • she needed to be ugly or mean...

  • - One of the two.

  • - Yes, sir.

  • - And then they saw me somehow, and they said, "Perfect."

  • - I am Jen Landon, and I play Teeter.

  • - Teeter is, the new addition to the bunkhouse...

  • - We're always bugging Taylor for little tidbits about

  • what's coming up next and I remember him being like,

  • "Hey, you guys aren't gonna believe this."

  • - And he was like,

  • "I gotta tell you about this girl that we have

  • "she's gonna play Teeter..."

  • - And showing us an audition tape that Jen Landon had done.

  • - What's your name?

  • - Teeter.

  • - What's that?

  • - Tee-ter.

  • - Just on the page, it's already hilarious.

  • - The Teeter that she brings to life

  • is so much more incredible.

  • - Hey, hey, hey!

  • - That girl's a hand, I gotta say.

  • - She's a badass.

  • (laughs)

  • - She's just...

  • you can tell how much Taylor's having fun writing her

  • and she just brings it.

  • - You ever wonder why there're,

  • lizards in the mountains but no snakes?

  • - What the fuck did she say?

  • - I mean, it's phonetically written,

  • she just speaks the way her family speaks.

  • - A Texan?

  • That's gibberish.

  • She opens up a whole different avenue there.

  • The first day, man, she knocked it out of the park...

  • - She just created this entirely new character

  • that I don't believe anybody's ever seen before.

  • - Let's see how the bunkhouse reacts to this.

  • - She's growing on you.

  • - She has the role of the season in my mind.

  • - I just felt excited and honored to join a show,

  • where women really,

  • for lack of a better term have life by the balls.

  • (gradual rock music)

- Last thing I need is a love-struck cowboy.

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Meet Jennifer Landon’s Yellowstone Character: Teeter | Paramount Network

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