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  • Do you get mad when people say,

  • "Emily in Paris" and not "Emilee en Pa-rhee"?

  • No one says that.

  • Lots of good shows on Netflix.

  • The cast of Cobra Kai.

  • Emma and Josh everybody.

  • We definitely have our own pod here.

  • Anything good come out of quarantine for you guys?

  • I've taken up celibacy.

  • So did I, I got married.

  • Is that hiding a boner? What was going on?

  • -Yup. -Is that a boner pillow?

  • I'd carry one with me to clubs.

  • The hat, is it stuck to your head?

  • Just peacock around a little.

  • Why are you looking into the wood?

  • Look for...

  • We're about to kiss and she says,

  • "I'm so nervous,

  • 'cause you're like a brother to me."

  • Send her in.

  • Oh... she, okay.

  • Wouldn't be an afterparty,

  • without a foreign girl looking for a rich husband.

  • Let me know when you find one.

  • Hey guys, a little help?

  • See you at The Netflix Afterparty.

Do you get mad when people say,

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