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  • Yeah.

  • How do y'all John Castillo here with my best velociraptor buddy Blitz!

  • Let's show him around.

  • Dino Ranch boy.

  • My family and I raise all kinds of dinosaurs here and gettinto all kinds of adventures.

  • Look for yourself With trouble all across the range a ranch aru has to be brave and be a caring Dino doctor like my little sister men and a brontosaurus clover and be smart like my kid brother Miguel and his triceratops tango.

  • And look out for one another like our mom Pop with her Dino, Dr Paris or Quack and his big, strong T Rex Biscuit.

  • Being a diner rancher is so much fun.

  • And there's nothing better than having a Dino as your best friend.

  • Let's hit the trail.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah!

  • Whoa, Howdy there.

  • I'm John and this is my best buddy Blitz Blitz is the fastest philosopher after on Diner Ranch, aren't you, boy?

  • Yeah, Yeah, You've got to be fast on your feet to be a dino rancher.

  • Just have a look yourself.

  • It's full loss.

  • It's fine.

  • Donald.

  • Ranchers, Right, right.

  • Head them off.

  • Come on, now.

  • Over there.

  • This'd is gonna be fun.

  • Yeah, Every day brings a new challenge.

  • But lucky for me, I've got my little sister Hman, brother Miguel and best Buddy Blitz to help me out.

  • Tango, we just fix that.

  • Ola, My name's Miguel and Tango.

  • Here's my best friend.

  • She's the strongest try, Sarah tops ever when you love building things and have a dino best friend who loves bashing things every day is Dina.

  • Oh, my Oh, no, There's not enough pressure.

  • We need more power.

  • We've got all the power we need right here, Tango Pump the pedal Dyn o mite Uh huh, Tango and I make a dynamite t along with my big brother John and sister man.

  • Oh, howdy.

  • I'm in.

  • It's my responsibility on Diamond Ranch to make sure all the dinosaurs stay healthy.

  • I'm lucky that I have my best brontosaurus friend clover to help make a dino different.

  • His mom looks really sick.

  • Her heartbeat is normal, but she does have a little bit of a temperature, so it's nothing too serious.

  • What could it be?

  • Looks like she's been eating these lotus firms.

  • Oh, they're not good for Dino's.

  • Ah ha!

  • There's a cure.

  • Here you go, mama eat thes.

  • They'll make you feel better.

  • Thank you.

  • Yeah.

  • Being a dino doctor is a really big job.

  • It's a good thing I have clover.

  • And my brothers, John and Miguel come from different places where our family, Donald Ranjan, is the way to be.

  • Cassidy, we're in.


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Meet the Ranchers! ? | Dino Ranch | @Disney Junior

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