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  • in Myanmar, the armed forces have seized power on detained the country's leader Aung Sang Suu Ky.

  • On other democratically elected figures, troops are patrolling the streets and a nighttime curfew is in force.

  • Along with AH one year state of emergency.

  • The US president, Joe Biden, has raised the possibility off imposing new sanctions.

  • Now the army there alleges that the recent election victory by Miss You Cheese party was undermined by fraud.

  • She has urged her supporters to protest against the military coup.

  • A Myanmar formerly known as Burma was ruled by the military until 2011 after democratic reforms on Santucci was in partial control with the military's agreement.

  • After spending 15 years under house arrest, young Santucci was hailed around the world as a symbol off democracy.

  • She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

  • Now her leadership and reputation are damaged after defending the army's brutal treatment off Myanmar's minority community off Rohingya Muslims.

  • But she still enjoys great support among many people in Myanmar.

  • The BBC's Fergal Keane has the latest on army reverting to autocratic type swiftly and ruthlessly deposing a democratically elected leader somewhere behind the guns on.

  • Santucci is once Maura prisoner of the generals.

  • And even if people never trusted the military, they're still shocked at what's happened.

  • Three army assaulted people Is it carried out a coup on the civilian government elected by our people.

  • Our country is just a bird learning to fly.

  • Now the army has broken our wings.

  • I am surprised and shaken.

  • I fear that prices will rise and people will revolt.

  • I hope that Anson Sushi and her colleagues will be free sooner rather than later.

  • The crisis began when Sue Cheese Party won a landslide victory in elections last November.

  • That win may have convinced the military that there hold on key security ministries.

  • The root of riel power here was threatened.

  • This'll was their response.

  • Relate to the public on state television.

  • Three allegations of election fraud from an army notorious for its human rights abuses.

  • There'll be a state of emergency for a year with limitless powers to detain political enemies.

  • Thing is the husband of one woman MP asking the soldiers what they want.

  • His wife is taken away in one of the numerous dawn raids.

  • Expect them to escalate.

  • Theo coup has an air of dark familiarity for decades, the military has tried to maintain a monopoly of power.

  • This was in 1995 when Aung San Suu, Ky.

  • Was released after her first six years of house arrest.

  • The woman I met then was a global human rights icon.

  • I think I became more political.

  • I was when I after I was put under house arrest than before, because once I was under house arrest, I became totally a political animal because this'll was my whole existence.

  • But human rights would eventually come second to politics three years ago, by now sharing power with the military, Aung San Souci defended generals accused of genocide against the Rohingya Muslims, even appearing for the defense at a war crimes trial in The Hague.

  • Do you ever worry that you will be remembered as the champion of human rights, the Nobel Laureates who failed to stand up to ethnic cleansing in her own country?

  • No, because I don't think there's ethnic cleansing going on.

  • For Western powers, the issue isn't about a personality but the principle of democracy in Myanmar.

  • On tonight, President Biden threatened renewed sanctions on the military, but he needs Chinese support on that's far from assured, given the competition for regional influence between Beijing and Washington on China's longstanding support for the generals.

  • Thea army supporters were on the streets today, but the cheers won't echo for long ahead lies deepening isolation, perilous uncertainty.

  • Fergal Keane, BBC News.

in Myanmar, the armed forces have seized power on detained the country's leader Aung Sang Suu Ky.

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