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  • simple show presents usual festivals around the way.

  • This is Kat.

  • She has always wanted to be just like her big sister Robin, who has a passion for world travel.

  • However, Cat is hesitant to get on a plane as she has never flown before.

  • Robin wishes Cat could join her on an adventure.

  • She decides to encourage her by mentioning some unusual festival celebrated around the world.

  • She says the La Tomatina Festival in Spain has the entire town engaging in a giant tomato fight.

  • It all began in 1945 when a participant fell off afloat during a local parade.

  • He landed next to a produce stand and was so furious he started pelting the crowd with vegetables.

  • From that day, La Tomatina was born.

  • Cat thinks this sounds like a blast Robin ads For those who like to get messy, there is the Hindu Holi Festival in India to celebrate the coming of spring.

  • Wow, friends, strangers, young and old, are all fair game for the massive crowds are in color die in the streets to signify the sharing of love.

  • Not for the faint hearted is the turning of bones.

  • Festivals for Mariana celebrated in Madagascar, corpses of family members, air wrapped in cloth and joining the dancing and celebration.

  • Locals believe that the spirits of the recently deceased still linger and that they, too, like a good party.

  • Robin and cat think this is so terrifying that it is only celebrated every seven years.

  • Cat is surprised to hear that in Lop Buri, Thailand, they have a huge buffet for thousands of hungry monkeys.

  • With 4000 kg of fruit, vegetables and cake up for grabs, Tourists can take photos at their own risk.

  • Cat is excited and realizes that there is a huge world of amazing cultures for them to explore together.

  • She goes with her sister on her next trip to Spain and might even join in dancing with the corpses one day.

simple show presents usual festivals around the way.

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Unusual Festivals Around The World

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/05
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