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  • (dramatic music)

  • - I gotta go, some asshole's standing in our river.

  • (water running)

  • - My character's name is Roarke Morris.

  • - [Kelly] We meet him as a fisherman.

  • - Wondering what his deal is.

  • What's his intention?

  • - And then we find out that he's part of this new world.

  • You gotta be fucking kidding me.

  • - Roarke is a hedge-fund baller, if you will.

  • - The idea of people after the land is looming.

  • - Why dream about building golf courses

  • when you can build cities?

  • - [Wes] Roarke and Willa, these are serious people.

  • And when money's involved, it's dangerous, always.

  • - Roarke is the founder of the company called Metro Capital.

  • We work together to make sure

  • that the shareholders are happy,

  • and that we're making our money.

  • We're squashing this bug today.

  • - We're encountering these new, threatening forces

  • that want to take the land solely for profit.

  • - Think you're up for this fight?

  • You have no idea how wrong you are.

  • - I look forward to it.

  • He doesn't' realized he's dealing with a vicious Rottweiler.

  • - This woman yelling at him from the bridge,

  • and then, climbing a fence.

  • He thinks, wow, cutie!

  • - Have any interest in dinner?

  • - I dine on my joyful life.

  • - I'm a little worried for him.

  • Seems like he's gonna hit on Beth.

  • I just don't think that's a great idea, as we know.

  • - Yeah, he's dead. (laughs)

  • His fly fishing days are over.

  • - We're swimming with the sharks now.

  • - Josh is fabulous.

  • - This was my favorite show on TV

  • before I booked this, so I was super excited.

  • - He brings that to the role.

  • He brings that enthusiasm and that freshness.

  • - I wanna say how much I love working with Josh Holloway.

  • He's a lot of fun. (laughs)

  • - It's fun to play a villain.

  • I was like, Taylor, this is the best job I ever had!

  • Keep writin'.

  • (yelling)

  • (dramatic music)

(dramatic music)

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Meet Josh Holloway’s Yellowstone Character: Roarke Morris | Paramount Network

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