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  • (howling)

  • (breathing heavily)

  • (woman giggling)

  • (woman howling)

  • - What in the fuck are you doing now?

  • - In 35 years, I have never been alone on this ranch.

  • And we're all alone, Rip.

  • (breathing heavily)

  • We can do whatever we want.

  • - Baby, you've been doing whatever you want

  • your whole damn life. - But no one can see us.

  • We can take off all our clothes.

  • We could go run naked through the field.

  • (chuckles) No one would know about it.

  • - I'll tell you what.

  • Why don't you run butt ass naked through that field

  • and I'll sit here in my jeans and I'll watch you do it.

  • What do ya say?

  • - Is there anything you ever wanted to do, but you didn't do

  • because everybody would watch you, question you,

  • and now doing it is in spite of 'em?

  • And it's about something else.

  • And the moment you imagined

  • is not the moment that you were living.

  • Does that make sense to you?

  • - (mumbles)

  • Honestly, I don't even know what you just said.

  • (slow western music)

  • You know, there's something I want to do.

  • Just, just stay there.

  • - Sounds interesting.

  • Put your toe down in the water

  • And a smile across your face

  • Tell me that you love me

  • Lovely Lady May

  • We're fucking on the dirt, aren't we?

  • - Oh, maybe in a little bit.

  • That your hands have ever held

  • But darlin' I could love you well

  • First we're gonna dance.

  • ♪ I've seen my share of trouble

  • And I've held my weight in shame

  • But I'm baptized in your name

  • Lovely Lady May

  • (light country music)


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