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  • Hello.

  • Name?

  • David Bowie.

  • 12.

  • Singles Everyone in Total Failure except Space Oddity.

  • The record company finds Knee album too weird for the X.

  • I need to be known.

  • I need them to know me.

  • There's only one guy at Mercury who doesn't hate your new record with every bone in his body.

  • David Bowie, I presume.

  • Run, Overman Mercury Records.

  • We've got pack couple weeks coming up Chicago, Philadelphia, New York and then out to L.

  • A.

  • I think we can make it work.

  • All it takes is one believer to change the world.

  • And we got to to Do you believe in yourself, don't you?

  • I think you're gonna be the biggest star in America.

  • This is a Queen family rock station.

  • So keep it safe.

  • Tell me about the new album.

  • What's it all about?

  • It's about the years I spent dressing in women's clothes and getting laid.

  • You wanna know why it's not working?

  • If anyone dares to ask you about your actual work, you just do the mystical mime act.

  • There is no authentic me.

  • It's just fear.

  • Well, then be someone else.

  • Be someone else.

  • Yeah, e don't want Tokyo.

  • I want to take my fantasies on stage with, like a star.

  • And I think you are a star.

  • Don't stop until you have them on the floor.

  • Gravelly.

  • You know Spacey.

  • You're from Bromley, man.

  • Oh, yes, I e rock star or somebody Impersonating a rock star.

  • What's the difference?


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