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  • Magic lives in the very fabric of nature.

  • You are so lost.

  • -You must be a fairy. -I am a fairy.

  • Your first year is all about the element you were born with.

  • This is something you'll learn your first day.

  • -Fairy magic… -Holy s***

  • is linked to emotion.

  • Love. Hatred. Fear.

  • The stronger the emotion, the stronger the magic.

  • Today, you learn to use your magic.

  • You focus, you learn, you grow. Eventually, the answers will come.

  • Do you know why the Barrier exists?

  • To protect the school from Burned Ones.

  • Be thankful you've never seen a Burned One.

  • Bloom.

  • They're after me.

  • Bloom could be one of the most powerful fairies

  • the Otherworld has ever known.

  • I'm not like the rest of you. I didn't grow up here.

  • Magic can be dangerous

  • as you well know.

  • Someone's been lying to her.

  • History of this place is a lot darker than they want us to know.

  • What you need are answers.

  • Be careful who you trust.

  • There's a war on the horizon.

  • This is what we've been training for.

  • We can help our friend.

  • They deserve to know what I am.

  • Whatever you're thinking of doing,

  • I'm here.

  • I always knew your path wouldn't be like everyone else's.

  • But I can't wait to see who you become.

  • I'm just kind of bummed I didn't see a single pair of wings.

Magic lives in the very fabric of nature.

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