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  • go for the sustainable development goals, quality education, Haugen School overcrowding be solved.

  • Me Karen.

  • She is a teacher with over 30 students in your classroom.

  • Karen finds it hard to keep all of her students engaged because she has a variety of learning styles to cater to.

  • The students have problems learning because they don't get a lot of hands on time with Karen and have a hard time keeping up with a weekly lessons.

  • Overcrowding is an issue that many public schools face, and it prevents teachers from being able to reach all of their students individually to tend to their needs.

  • Budget cuts and population increased for two of the biggest contributors to overcrowding.

  • Even though overcrowding is a major concern, there are ways to overcome this issue.

  • The district can lobby from where funding and invite officials to the school so they can see the damage being done firsthand.

  • So visiting local donations and doing fundraisers are other options to ensure that teachers have all the tools needed to do their jobs during overcrowded times.

  • Applying for grants will also help with the financial issues tied the overcrowding.

  • Providing teachers with AIDS can help lift the burden from their workload.

  • If teachers plan exceptionally well for overcrowding, taking into consideration the supplies needed managing students providing structure as to not lose control of the classroom.

  • The overcrowding issue could be minimized.

  • Being available before school or after school can also help with students who are struggling to keep up.

  • The learning experience should be fun and rewarding for students and teachers.

  • Ending overcrowding will help nourish the next generation of leaders.

go for the sustainable development goals, quality education, Haugen School overcrowding be solved.

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Overcrowding in Schools

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/02/04
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