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  • ♪ I wanna tell the people of

  • Whatever this town's called

  • I know what's going on here

  • And frankly, I'm appalled

  • I read three quarters of a news story

  • And knew I had to come

  • And unless I'm doing The Miracle Worker

  • I won't play blind...

  • ...deaf and dumb

  • Listen, you bigoted monsters. Just who do you think you are?

  • Your prejudice and your oppression

  • Won't get past this Broadway star

  • Stealing the rights of a girl

  • Who is an LGBQ teen

  • I've been far too angry

  • to Google what those letters mean

  • But it's not about me

  • It's about poor

  • Emma! Emma, for can't you see

  • The ordeal she's been dealt?

  • So hear my plеa

  • Or here's your next dilеmma

  • How do you silence a woman who's known for her belt?

  • Sing it, Eleanor!

  • Her belt!

  • But it's not about me

  • Go on then, threaten to riot

  • It won't faze me in the least

  • I understand furious townsfolk...

  • I did Beauty and The Beast

  • I'm no stranger to slander

  • So my dear, you're not alone

  • The Post once said

  • I was too old to play Eva Perón

  • Eva Perón!

  • But it is not about me

  • It's Emma's story, damn it

  • Equality

  • Should be this country's norm

  • No photography

  • Unless you Instagram it

  • Use "hashtag Dee Dee Takes Local Yokels By Storm"

  • But it's not about me

  • I didn't come here to make a scene

  • But I know how Emma's heart aches

  • And this is how actors intervene

  • With fiery songs and dance breaks

  • [dance break]

  • But it's not about me

  • Although I'm rich and famous

  • Publicity

  • Is not my final goal (Call security)

  • You needn't be backwoods ignoramus

  • Join me and we'll start fighting

  • Could I get softer lighting?

  • Wait, this is not about me!

  • This is not about (What is happening?!)

  • This is not about (What is happening?!)

  • This is not about (What is happening?!)

  • It is all about, uh, Emma

  • And not about

  • Me

♪ I wanna tell the people of

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Night of 1000 Meryls: Drag Queens Perform Meryl Streep's "It's Not About Me" | The Prom | Netflix

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