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  • [Mickey] Hot dog!

  • I sure love Valentine's Day!

  • Want to come with me to deliver Minnie's

  • Valentine's Day card?

  • [barking]

  • Wh-Wh-Whoa! Ha-ha!

  • [cooing]

  • [sad coo]

  • Oh! I sure hope Minnie

  • likes her Valentine's Day card!

  • -[barks] -[wind blowing]

  • -Hey! -[barking]

  • [curious cooing]

  • [excited cooing]

  • Excuse me, Mr. Pigeon,

  • but that card belongs to our friend Minnie!

  • [cooing]

  • [growling]

  • Come on! We have to get that card back.

  • -[boinging] -Huh?

  • -Huh? -[chomping]

  • [cooing]

  • [sassy cooing]

  • -[both exclaiming] -[crash]

  • [coos "Uh-oh"]

  • [sighs]

  • Now, remember-- you grab the card

  • while I distract the pigeon with this!

  • [yaps]

  • -[confused coo] -[Mickey] Chirpy chirp chirp! Ha-ha!

  • [flirty cooing]

  • [irritated cooing]

  • Uh... chirpity chirp chirp?

  • -Oh! Wh-Whoa! Ooh! -[crashes]

  • -[irritated cooing] -[growling]

  • Hey! Hey! Hey, stop that!

  • That's Minnie's

  • (slowing down) Valentine's Day surprise!

  • Aw! It's ruined!

  • [cooing sadly]

  • [gasps] You were just trying to decorate your nest!

  • [cooing]

  • Well, maybe there's a way

  • I can help you and surprise Minnie!

  • But we have to work together!

  • Oh! Hello, Mickey!

  • Hi, Minnie! Happy Valentine's Day!

  • [gasps] Oh, it's wonderful!

  • I love it!

  • Oh, Mickey, how did you come up

  • with a Valentine's Day tree?

  • Well, a little birdie told me!

  • [both laugh]

  • [coos, laughs]

[Mickey] Hot dog!

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Mickey's Special Delivery! ? | Mickey Mouse Hot Diggity Dog Tales | @Disney Junior

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