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  • -Pikachu! -Pika!

  • -We're going, too! -Yeah!

  • Check out all the Pikachu!

  • Wow, this must the place that Professor Cerise was telling us about before.

  • "We heard there was a Pikachu outbreak."

  • So, we were here in a flash!

  • Who knew the Twerps were flashier?

  • It's all for the better.

  • Not only do we get to catch a pile of prime Pikachu, we get the Twerp's, too!

  • Wait, are they looking for something?

  • Pika!

  • What's going on?

  • Hold on! That's a Thunder Stone!

  • Pikachu!

  • Rai, rai!

  • Wow, it evolved!

  • Now I understand.

  • When a Pikachu touches a Thunder Stone, it evolves into a Raichu.

  • That's it!

  • The Pikachu are all gathered here to search for Thunder Stones!

  • Awesome!

  • Pika!

  • Pika!

  • Pika! Pika!

  • Pika!

  • Pika!

  • Pika!

  • Stop it, buddy! Calm down!

  • Ah, Pikachu!

  • Rai, rai!

  • You didn't, did you?

  • It evolved?

  • Rai!

  • Well, it's not yours.

  • Looks that way.

  • Pika, pika!

  • But if Pikachu uses it, it'll get stronger, won't it?

  • I thought Pikachu wants to evolve?

  • No way.

  • My Pikachu has always wanted to get stronger as a Pikachu.

  • I'm sorry.

  • Since Pikachu feels that way, we don't need it. Thanks.

  • Pika...

  • Pika!

  • Hm? You're telling me you want me to have it?

  • Are you saying you don't want to use it either?

  • Pika!

  • -Pika... - Kachu.

  • Mine wants to stay the same, just like yours does.

  • Guess so.

  • I think it's the best thing for everyone to evolve when they want to.

  • Pikachu!

-Pikachu! -Pika!

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It’s a Pack of Pikachu! | Pokémon Journeys: The Series | Netflix Futures

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