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  • A new economic team working directly under President Park Geun-hye is set to launch this

  • Wednesday. The team is tasked with boosting public spending

  • and getting Korea out of its low-growth trap. For more on how they hope to do that, our

  • Hwang Ji-hye reports. Korea's new economic team,... which will be

  • led by incoming finance minister Choi Kyung-hwan, has one goal -- to spur growth.

  • To achieve it,... the team is expected to first fiddle with the nation's real estate

  • market. Officials at the finance ministry say... a

  • set of economic policies for the second half of this year is expected to include measures...

  • like easing loan-to-value ratio limits for mortgage lending to 70 percent.

  • That means... home buyers would be able to borrow up to 140-thousand U.S. dollars when

  • buying a house worth 200-thousand dollars. The current loan-to-value ratio stands at

  • 50 percent for those living in the nation's capital area,... which allows them to borrow

  • just 100-thousand dollars when purchasing the same house.

  • Home buyers who are short of cash... typically are forced to borrow money from non-banking

  • financial institutions... that charge them higher interest rates.

  • Economic policymakers expect people moving their loans from non-banking lenders to banks

  • to spend more,... which would also lead to pulling the country out of its sluggish domestic

  • demand trap. While many are concerned... that easing housing

  • loan regulations could lead to more household debt,... which already hovers around 980 billion

  • dollars,... the nation's real estate market is welcoming the government's expected move.

  • "Easing regulations won't really lead to more household debt because there aren't a lot

  • of speculative investments in the real estate market these days."

  • Economists still add... that the government should also set up countermeasures to address

  • the side-effects that could occur from easing housing loan regulations.

  • Hwang Ji-hye, Arirang News.

A new economic team working directly under President Park Geun-hye is set to launch this

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