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  • January can often be the coldest month of the  year, and the Service Yard is pretty chilly.

  • When I woke up this morning there  was ice on my wash jug. So today  

  • I've decided to make one of the servantsfavourite. A warming rabbit pudding.

  • For this recipe you will need...

  • Mushrooms.

  • Water.

  • Salt.

  • Suet.

  • Flour.

  • Thyme.

  • Bacon.

  • White wine.

  • Rabbit.

  • Minced parsley.

  • And stock.

  • I'm going to start by makingsuet crust paste with the flour,  

  • a pinch of salt  

  • and the suet. Make sure you use  good quality suet from the butcher.  

  • In fact, you could buy kidneys and take  the fat off yourself. That's what suet is.

  • I'm now going to add the water a little attime to make a paste that's not too sticky.

  • This is a simple pudding, like all  steamed suet puddings whether you use  

  • veal or ham, or steak and kidney  which I understand is growing popular.

  • Suet crust is one of the easiest pastries to makeand I always start the maids off with it first.

  • Now I'm going to take a third of it away and  keep it for the lid and roll out the rest.

  • I'm going to dust the board  down to stop it sticking.

  • I might start Annie the Scullery Maid making  the pastry soon. It's about time she progressed.

  • She started last year at sixteen. We don't  take girls at twelve straight from school.  

  • They don't have the stamina. Or the experience.

  • I've already greased the bowl with butter  and now I'll line it with the paste.

  • And now for the filling. I'm going  to use mushrooms, some parsley,  

  • a little thyme,  

  • some bacon, and a rabbit that  I have skinned and filleted.

  • Mr Barker the gamekeeper brings the  rabbits he shoots, as they are pests.

  • I'm going to add a little flourjust to thicken the gravy.  

  • And then into my pudding.

  • Now a little wine.

  • And some stock.

  • Now I'm going to make the lid. So  I'll roll out the rest of the paste.

  • And just stick it together  with a little bit of water.

  • I have here a cloth that is already damp that  I'll sprinkle with flour to stop it sticking.

  • Leaving a pleat so it can expand.

  • I'm going to make a handle with the string.

  • And now it's ready to boil for  at least an hour and a half.

  • And now it's ready.

  • All I need to do now is to take the cloth off.  

  • Which you must do straight  away to stop it sticking.

  • And I'm now going to cut just a small hole in  the top otherwise the pudding will become heavy.

  • If I was serving this to the Upper Servants  I might give it a minute or two in the oven  

  • just to brown off. But as I'm serving it  to the Service Hall I'll leave it as it is.

  • There we are. Rabbit pudding.

January can often be the coldest month of the  year, and the Service Yard is pretty chilly.

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How to Make Rabbit Pudding - The Victorian Way

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