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  • President Vladimir Putin has been coming under unusual pressure.

  • A billion dollar palace allegedly paid for illegally has been making global headlines, while young Russians flood Tic Tac with calls for protests.

  • Thousands hit the streets in some of the most widespread demonstrations in years, and the president himself faces the public to deny accusations of stolen wealth.

  • Much of the agitation was sparked by Kremlin critic Alexander Volney, now watching from prison so doesn't have only pose a growing threat to President Putin's rule.

  • Alexander Volney has long been in the public eye, but his latest moves have brought him unprecedented attention.

  • He recently flew back to Russia despite being poisoned there just months earlier.

  • Upon his arrival, he was immediately arrested with authorities citing his failure to meet the conditions of his parole.

  • But soon Navalny's team released a viral YouTube video starring the opposition leader, revealing what he calls Putin's use of vast stolen riches.

  • It's already been viewed over 100 million times and has fueled the anger of many Russians frustrated by the living standards and a sense of injustice.

  • It's all about the state of mind of Russian voters.

  • There is so much displaced with the regime.

  • It's about the contents off what he's telling and about the context which he is creating.

  • He didn't show this movie from Germany from being safety right.

  • He showed it from Russian prison.

  • Hey, like put his head in tow the jaw off a tiger.

  • So he's really risking his life now, and the public feels it.

  • Protests following Navalny's arrest did not hit a record in numbers, but they spread out wider than ever before in Putin's 20 year rule way have never had so many citizen towns participating, participating united under the same type of slogans.

  • Under the same, I would say political agenda.

  • Individual protests happened even in the smaller towns and villages, according to the census that has been taken during the administration.

  • In the center of Moscow, 42% of respondents said that it was the first time they took part in any protest public protest activity.

  • So the protest has evidently went beyond the traditional audience and the traditional participants off protest demonstrations.

  • But whether these are socially different people, we cannot say.

  • President Putin has long downplayed Navalny's importance.

  • He is known even for refusing to speak the opposition politicians name.

  • But on January 25th, Putin appeared publicly to deny accusations brought forth in Navalny's video investigation established substance Numaniyah Numa and police.

  • Kimbrough's on It doesn't stop There.

  • Usually absent on state TV, the opposition leader was suddenly given airtime in major national TV programs.

  • Ondo being discredited.

  • The scale of Kremlin acknowledgement of Navalny in itself is unusual.

  • Kremlin thought it wouldn't be wise to make promotion to him, to to criticize him and advertise him at the same time.

  • Right?

  • Previously, Kremlin took care not to probably this interest.

  • Now they probably saw that his recognition and interesting in what he's telling grew up in enough.

  • Among the TV audience is useless toe pretend that he doesn't exist.

  • Some analysts say Navalny may have finally managed to unite Russia's opposition, which is notorious for infighting.

  • Previously, he was not an unconditional leader of the Russian opposition he was criticized by.

  • Many actually have a year.

  • Russian authorities were dominating Russian politics after they want this constitutional majority.

  • Voting on donned, their ratings went up.

  • The opposition was like this depressed.

  • They felt that they did.

  • They couldn't offer any resistance to Kremlin.

  • He took the initiative into his hands.

  • He returned the initiative to Russian opposition.

  • It's very important for for protests, not just to feel like, uh, morally right, but also to feel strong to feel the weakness of authorities, not only give this feeling off the weakness of the authorities.

  • Onda Mid Navalny's increasing visibility comes another crucial moment Russia's parliamentary elections in September.

  • Navalny is essentially blocked from participating himself.

  • Instead, he is urging the public to engage in so called smart voting.

  • It means casting the vote for whichever candidate may have the best chance of unseating Putin's United Russia party candidate.

  • Though Sina's controversial by some, the strategy has been successful in the past, including in the 2019 Moscow City Duma elections.

  • Analysts say smart voting may pose a similar threat This time around.

  • They're Israel chance that in the majority of Russian cities and towns, Nirvana will manage to ruin Kremlin plans to elect the candidates of Iliyna, Russia.

  • So Kremlin just cannot allow Navalny toe take part in this game.

  • It's too risky for him.

  • Putin is facing a set of other challenges.

  • The Russian economy is struggling due to low oil prices on the pandemic added to the hardship.

  • Despite Putin's approval ratings falling at over 60% they still appear high.

  • Navalny may therefore not seem be an imminent threat, but he's found ways to put pressure on the Kremlin.

  • Despite it.

  • He is the author off.

  • What happened in Russia last certainly, and this is again.

  • This is a very significant degree off direct political influence, especially for a person who is barred from public political life and even denied his freedom, okay.

President Vladimir Putin has been coming under unusual pressure.

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