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  • Theo first dance for jogged arcing Jahar on his wedding day in 2017, the 33 year old from Dumbarton in Scotland had traveled to India for the celebrations.

  • Days later, while out shopping with his new wife, he was taken away by police in the state of Punjab.

  • He's being in detention ever since seen here it a court hearing junk dousing Joe halls accused of conspiracy to murder.

  • Indian authorities allege he was involved in a Siris of killings of right wing Hindu leaders.

  • Officials claim he's a member of a separatist organization they describe as a terrorist gang.

  • They say Mr Dzhokhar paid £3000 to the group to help fund the crimes.

  • Jogged are single, denies the allegations.

  • His family say he's a peaceful activist who's written about human rights violations against Sikhs.

  • I believe he's innocent and he will be proven innocent through the course of a trial starts.

  • What's your message to the UK government?

  • He's being subject to torture and mistreatment and you have failed him.

  • Please bring my brother back home so he can continue and start his life with his wife.

  • The family say Jogged arcing.

  • Dzhokhar wrote this letter detailing allegations of torture.

  • It claims he was stripped and beaten, given electric shocks on that, his legs were pulled apart each time he was questioned.

  • The BBC's being unable to independently verify these claims, which the authorities deny.

  • Jogged arcing.

  • Dzhokhar claims he was tortured into signing a confession letter made to record this video leaked to Indian media.

  • His lawyer told me the authorities have yet to provide him with any evidence linking Mr Joe Hall to the crimes.

  • He fears his clients being framed.

  • E I'm very worried.

  • Our immediate concern is that we get a fair trial which proceeds quickly.

  • E.

  • Until then his languishing in jail joke dancing behalf being held here of Delhi's maximum security toe hard jail.

  • He's one of thousands of people being held in prisons across India without conviction, some for many years.

  • The human rights charity reprieve is concerned that some of the charges he's awaiting trial for here carry the death penalty is the maximum punishment, but experts stress that executions in India are extremely rare.

  • Reprieve has asked the foreign secretary to call for Mr Dzhokhar's immediate release.

  • The Foreign Office told the BBC that Dominic Raab did raised the case with his Indian counterpart during his trip to India in December.

  • This is the most recent time dragged arcing.

  • Dzhokhar was seen at court.

  • British officials also say they're in regular contact with prison staff on his family about his well being, but his brother remains concerned.

  • In August last year, he was joined by dozens who protested outside Downing Street, Dugdale Sing.

  • Dzhokhar's case has attracted international attention.

  • His supporters say they won't give up until he's back home.

Theo first dance for jogged arcing Jahar on his wedding day in 2017, the 33 year old from Dumbarton in Scotland had traveled to India for the celebrations.

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British man 'tortured to sign blank confession' in India - BBC News

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