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  • Japan has become one of the most popular  touristic destinations in the world, tiktakers!  

  • And it makes sense, since it's a country filled with incredible places to visit!  

  • One of them, considered by many as the  main symbol of Japan, is Mount Fuji.

  • Mount Fuji is located on the island of Honshuat about 100 kilometers west from Tokyo.  

  • Its surrounding environment  is very wild and naturaland nearby you can find the lakes KawaguchiYamanaka, Motosu, Shoji and Sai.

  • The mountain is located within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National  park, the most visited park in the country.

  • Mount Fuji is the tallest in all of Japan,  3,776 meters tall!

  • And did you know that this mountain is also an active volcano?

  • This means that it shows signs of continuous activityand has erupted at one point during the last  10,000 years.

  • In this case, Mount Fuji's most recent eruption was named the Greatei Eruption  – it occurred during the Edo Period in 1707, and they say it lasted for about two  weeks!

  • Pretty scary, right tiktakers?

  • Mount Fuji is one of the three  sacred mountains of Japanwhich is why it's so common to find it in Japanese  paintings and literature throughout the centuries.  

  • It has served as a source  of inspiration for hundreds of artists who have represented its  snowy silhouette in numerous works,  

  • the most significant of these being "Thirty-six  Views of Mount Fuji", a series of landscape prints made by the painter Hokusai during the Edo Period,  a time that really marked the history of Tokyo.  

  • The mountainside of this volcano is filled with elements very representative of Japanese culturesuch as Buddhist sanctuaries.

  • In fact, samurais  would carry out their training at the foot of the mountain, believing that doing so would channel the strength the mountain transmitted to them.

  • It was precisely those samurais who also had a lot to do with the name of this mountain:  

  • Its name comes from the Chinese  characters "fu-ji". "Fu" means "wealth", while "ji" is the Chinese reading of "samurai".

  •   Finally, the kanji for "san", or "mountain", was added to end up forming the word  "Fuji-san".

  • In some Spanish-speaking countriessome people also refer to Mount Fuji as  "Fujiyama", but that term is incorrect.

  • As you can see, tiktakers, this more than 100,000-year-old place is filled with beauty and spirituality!

  • And because of this, in 2013  it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  

  • So, if you are not afraid of heightsand you're thinking about visiting Japanyou can usually climb Mount  Fuji during July and August.  

  • It is calculated that each year about 300,000 people climb to the summit, and many Japanese people promise to themselves to climb Mount Fuji at least once in their lives.

  • Would you bring yourself to climb it as well? If you didplease share your experience in the comments!

Japan has become one of the most popular  touristic destinations in the world, tiktakers!  

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