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  • I love our planet, but it's got problems.

  • We all know it e want you to come on this journey with us and to, of course, reaped the rewards.

  • So I'm gonna get my team of blue chip professional investors working for your capital to And if you want to learn more, get involved, will you?

  • Okay.

  • We've elected to use a strategy that also really connects to that content, lead value, set and capability that we have.

  • We raise money constantly because it's constantly an opportunity to tell the story and activate and mobilized the audience.

  • And we do that with high frequency with people who are not anonymous there.

  • Are there the audience themselves.

  • Part of the messaging is we just gotta talk like plain folk to each other and also collapse.

  • These massive, complicated idea is that the that he supposed, you know, super brains or holding all the answers in in in their in their silos and say No, no, no.

  • This is our problem.

  • This is our existential crisis.

  • Give us the skinny and tell us what to do next, or rather tell us that we can help tell you what to do next.

I love our planet, but it's got problems.

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