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  • Hi.

  • My name is Josh Pretty, and I'm with Soon Shin Young University in South Korea.

  • I'm the deputy director of Global Exchange, which means ideal with all of the incoming and outgoing students and work with all of our partners schools.

  • Uh, that's really relevant to the Tofel test because, um, you know, when we accept students, we have a lot of international students on our campus participating in our global village program.

  • And what that does is start some excitement between our Korean students.

  • It gets them wanting to go abroad and really interested in studying in another country.

  • Once this interest has started, the Korean students generally come into my office and they asked me, You know, what can I do to study abroad and where can I go?

  • So I always tell them, first of all, no matter where you go, you are going to need some kind of language test, uh, assess your English ability So they always ask me, You know what?

  • What kind of test is required to go abroad?

  • Um, eso What I tell them is, you know, there's lots of tests available, but for the most options, the most places you want to go?

  • Uh, you should take the total because the Tofel will be accepted by, uh, every partner school that we have.

  • So the total tests really is what what our students are taking when it goes when they go abroad, and it's the one that's most accepted.

  • And it's the one that is the most accurate to for our Korean students.

  • And whenever they come back back to Korea, they're always they always tell us about their experience abroad, and it continues to strike mawr excitement in future students.


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TOEFL Destinations-Soon Chun Hyang University (Korea)

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