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  • new jokes are the most intoxicating thing.

  • If you have a new joke that crushes it is the best feeling on Earth when you were young guy.

  • Because I drove with you every night and Hung hung with you when you were working on material.

  • I remember you tried 678 bits every night you spend all day going.

  • Is this funny?

  • Is this e gotta?

  • Here's a new bit.

  • Am I right?

  • It's just one funny.

  • You know how they say everything tastes like chicken.

  • You have a rattlesnake.

  • What's that?

  • Taste like chicken.

  • You ever have a rabbit?

  • Tastes like chicken.

  • You know, the only thing doesn't taste like chicken eggs.

  • Why?

  • But it doesn't quite work.

  • There's probably no better feeling than doing new material.

  • The best feeling in the world is when a new joke works.

  • That is an orgasm of comedy.

  • That is the That's all you're trying to achieve.

  • That's all you're trying to chase.

  • Is that first laugh of the first time you said it?

  • And then after that, it diminishes.

  • Every comic is a knob survey shen list.

  • You know, you're always watching and absorbing.

  • I'm an older dad here.

  • I am having a kid at my age and all my friends.

  • We're already sending their kids off the rehab.

  • Actually, I was writing jokes for Bush Bell Comics would they would give me back every joke that I thought was killer because the jokes were about me.

  • So I want you know, enough of this.

  • Go on stage and talk about yourself.

  • And I've been doing that for almost 49 years.

  • Now, the second you stop writing, they're not gonna come back.

  • They'll give you one time back through a second time through its like, I did kind of the same stuff.

  • Third time it's less.

  • And by the past that no one's coming.

  • You're using the room for its purpose.

  • If you try to throw more new stuff out there, I throw my jokes that aren't gonna work in the middle s.

  • So I try to get him going, try the new stuff and then try to end.

  • So they released getting a show.

  • When broken is up and he's destroying and you're after him.

  • It's hard to put yourself out there and take a risk.

  • I saw something disgraceful.

  • Yesterday I saw my first Asian homeless guy What?

  • Grace?

  • You want to speak with that Starbucks?

  • He was working there to us.

  • That's homeless.

  • Audience doesn't know I'm trying stuff out.

  • I don't tell them.

  • Hey, you guys, I don't bring up my piece of paper.

new jokes are the most intoxicating thing.

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How Comedians Test Out New Jokes - The Comedy Store - Showtime

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