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  • I mean, Hi, Paxton.

  • We heard London's in total lock down.

  • We are all locked in this psychological prison of burning aloneness house.

  • Linda, She's somewhere in the house.

  • Is there some type of issue?

  • We are fine.

  • That only is everything.

  • Not okay.

  • Nothing is okay.

  • Linda said she was planning to end our thing way are locked together.

  • You think I'm so happy and normal?

  • I'd never accuse you of being happy and normal because on shaky ground, I've been followed.

  • Now there is literally zero purpose to my life.

  • I'm going to get provisions.

  • We need milk, bread.

  • How many classes have you got?

  • Piss off!

  • Nice people that I fired.

  • They were fired because of me.

  • It's not about the virus.

  • It's about who I am and what I do for a living.

  • You fired them.

  • Well, thank you.

  • Is that a glass of wine?

  • Yes.

  • Yeah, it is.

  • We have a situation person in all the major department stores closing.

  • They want everything here in the next four days.

  • We have a problem at Herod's.

  • We have $4 million with the jewelry.

  • Someone's gonna have to pack the valuables up.

  • I believe you are a man who can be trusted.

  • I am.

  • Yeah, I can be trusted.

  • It's gonna have to be something that we trust.

  • So that means inevitably it's gonna be me.

  • What are you taking out of Harris?

  • A diamond since locked down.

  • I'm looking back at myself like that was then.

  • And this is now the bastards who told me to fire those people.

  • They're bad.

  • You and I are good.

  • Good is better than that.

  • You're talking about stealing the diamond.

  • Three million pounds live wild or die, Linda.

  • And I'm feeling you think carrots is the most glamorous store in the world.

  • I know all the security garden.

  • I know the security systems.

  • E Just need to get the gentleman's name.

  • His name?

  • Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Wow.

  • What can go wrong?

  • Look out!

  • One last right.

  • Our Lord of water in Heaven.

  • Forgive us.

  • The similar deception.

  • Aging Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Mr.

  • Edgar Allan Poe.

  • Please report to security.

  • It's a new dawn.

  • It's a new day.

  • Who'd have thought a month ago we'd be doing this?

  • Not me.

I mean, Hi, Paxton.

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