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  • - Miss Dutton. There's, um...

  • (cellphone clicking)

  • - That's my desk.

  • - Not anymore. It's my desk now.

  • My computer, my office furniture. My office.

  • What's that saying cowboys use?

  • Fuck with the bull and you get the horns.

  • Well, you fucked with the bull.

  • - Bet you practiced saying that in front of the mirror.

  • - For an hour. I prepare for everything.

  • I anticipate every possible outcome,

  • and I would have expected the same from you.

  • But if you had given this any thought,

  • you would've known that every possible outcome

  • leads to me sitting right here.

  • (gentle brooding music)

  • - When you find yourself

  • standing on the wall of the Alamo, Willa,

  • the outcome has already been decided.

  • The only thing left to do

  • is to kill as much as you can before they kill you.

  • - I respect that.

  • You certainly got your kills. You little bitch.

  • Cost my shareholders billions.

  • But now, as a result, my shareholders

  • are majority owners of Schwartz & Meyer

  • and you, you're fired.

  • So thank you for all that land around your father's ranch.

  • We have big plans for this valley.

  • And after the sting of this phase,

  • you should give me a call.

  • You could do very well working for me.

  • (gentle brooding music continues)

  • - When all this is over,

  • I'm gonna hang your diploma above my toilet

  • in my guesthouse.

  • You have my word.

  • - Like I said, you gotta let the sting fade.

  • Then we'll talk.

  • - The sting never fades with me.

  • (Zippo clicks) (flint scratches)

  • It is a painful lesson,

  • and one you're about to learn.

  • - I really like her.

  • (gentle solemn music)

- Miss Dutton. There's, um...

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Beth & Willa Go Toe-to-Toe | Yellowstone | Paramount Network

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