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  • whether it's the end of the road for these guys.

  • They changed teams.

  • If they run it back another year.

  • Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Aaron Rodgers will go down in NFL history, right?

  • All three rank in the top 10 all time and winds and passing touchdowns.

  • Such a changing of the guard potentially.

  • And in many ways, we now welcome our analysts, Marcus Spears, back and markets, as you saw a lot of questions with quarterbacks.

  • Uncertain futures.

  • Which one are you following?

  • The closest.

  • And why?

  • First of all, sage, that pink is fired.

  • I just wanna tell you that since I e get his approval, I'm good.

  • You 100% rocking that pink today.

  • So you still listen.

  • This is about the Sean watching.

  • Okay, I know that is gonna be interesting.

  • Matthew Stafford.

  • Um, the guys Sam Dorner is gonna be interested around.

  • Draft time is well, but the Sean watching this, the story like the Shawn Watson not only is this about football off, the reason is being a big story.

  • There's a guy that just signed an extension that has a problem with ownership.

  • It's not about the coaching anymore.

  • It's not about who they did and did not interview.

  • This is about Cal McNair, Jack Easterby.

  • Uh, osario is in a unfortunate situation because the Sean has been around Cal, McNair and those guys longer, so he's coming into this firestorm.

  • But the Shawn Watson, what is he going to do?

  • Is he going to hold out?

  • Will Houston obliged him and find trade partners?

  • He can say no to certain teams if they come on board in the Texans like the package and want to make a trade.

  • This the first taste on the first sample size off what we've seen transpired in the NBA.

  • And let me put, Let me put this out that everybody in the football world that's playing on the professional football team if you ain't got it like the Shawn Watson, don't use him as an example.

  • If you're mad or disgruntled with your organization, you better have the same type of juice, the same type of performance and film that the show Watson has.

  • In order to put yourself in this particular situation, he is going to be talked about at nauseum, and I know Dak is right there, nipping on his heels as far as what happens in Dallas, and people are gonna be watching that closely.

  • But the Shawn Watson taking on ownership of the Houston Texans, the old idea and ideology of the NFL when it comes to contract negotiations.

  • And can a guy forced his way out this early in a contract?

  • That's the most intriguing storyline as far as quarterbacks going into this offseason.

  • Aaron Rodgers.

  • He came up short again, fourth straight time in a conference championship.

  • Why he carried some of the blame.

  • Obviously, I mean, when you think about being in this position and trying to get into that conversation with a guy that at least had the opportunity toe win multiple Super Bowls and way see, we saw Green Bay in this position last year.

  • We saw him against San Francisco Onda.

  • We saw him against San Francisco when Kaepernick was the quarterback, and they lose and couldn't get, uh to the Super Bowl.

  • It's unfortunate for Aaron Rodgers, but if he doesn't cross this hurdle, we'll talk about him being the most talented Q B.

  • But we won't talk about him being to go.

  • And then when you think about it in parallel right, think about Drew Brees and what he's been through in the playoffs and how he's lost in the playoffs.

  • And now we're talking about him potentially department from the NFL.

  • Aaron Rodgers doesn't want to get to that point.

  • Now here's the question.

  • Does he feel like he can get over the hump in Green Bay?

  • Or is he looking for new scenery?

  • You know, I was talking about this before the season started after they drafted drawing love, and it had nothing to do with drawing love.

  • I just started Aaron Rodgers based on the things that I was watching him say and do and interpret he would try to get out of Green Bay after this year.

  • Like that was my thought coming into the season.

  • And obviously you go through the ebbs and flows and they have success, obviously get to the NFC championship again.

  • But I'm not sure if this is not about Aaron Rodgers necessarily wanting toe, you know, have a ill wheel towards towards green bait.

  • He may just want new scenery.

  • He may want a new opportunity, a new refresher toe have a chance to go to the Super Bowl, so you may be kind of getting some of that indication.

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whether it's the end of the road for these guys.

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Breaking down the futures of Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers | SportsCenter

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