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  • - Glad you're sitting down for this.

  • Look, we need to talk.

  • - I don't see us working out.

  • - You let everything slip through the cracks, especially me.

  • - You don't support me.

  • - I'm just tired of sitting around all day doing nothing.

  • - You smell like farts.

  • It had to be said.

  • It had to be said.

  • - I just don't see us going anywhere.

  • No mom, I still haven't left the couch.

  • - My friends always said you were weird.

  • (phone vibrating)

  • Is that my phone? Did you take my phone?

  • Give it back.

  • - I didn't wanna bring this up

  • but when we first met,

  • you were really firm and curvy

  • and now you're kind of saggy.

  • - You're disgusting.

  • - (beep) You.

  • - (beep) You.

  • Have you been stealing from me?

  • - 2020's been really rough on us.

  • We don't look the same, we don't feel the same

  • and it's not that I don't still have feelings for you.

  • - You were really there for me over the past year.

  • And I appreciate that.

  • I've been a mess.

  • - You're not the only one that's a mess.

  • A dirty, sloppy mess.

  • (groovy music)

  • (sighing)

  • We've gotta stop doing this.

  • - What?

  • I wanted to try it to standing up.

  • - I said it'd be nice to sometimes have a pullout.

  • It's not like I'm on the apps.

  • I'm trying one.

  • I'm just putting myself out there.

  • - I've been sleeping around on you.

  • A lot.

  • - You're still talking to the couch, right?

  • - Yeah, I've just been sleeping on the couch a lot.

  • - Oh, okay.

  • We packed up your things.

  • It's time to move on.

  • - [Narrator] It's time to break up with your couch.

  • Planet Fitness has everything you need

  • to get up and get moving in 2021 at home or in club.

  • - Drive that leg up.

  • - I guess you can watch.

  • - [Instructor] Reset, opposite side.

  • - Creep.

- Glad you're sitting down for this.

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Rosebud Baker & Andy Haynes Are Moving On

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/27
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