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  • INTERVIEW 10: The Dimensional Planes

  • So bringing the demon through,

  • obviously common sense would say, "If a demon wants to come in,

  • I have to go out." That's how I understood channelers worked, you know?

  • That's what I understood.

  • If a being comes through, there's only one that is able to inhabit this body.

  • So when a demon comes, I'll go out. So I did.

  • So in that moment, I just breathed in. I left my body.

  • And I had the demon to come in.

  • And that was the first time I experienced myself in the dimensions.

  • So now I was in the dimensions. In that one moment.

  • I was looking around. And everything was vast.

  • And there was a light. Pinkish-white color.

  • Yellow and white. it was quite pretty. Like a sunset.

  • And I look at my body, and I saw my body's moving.

  • I saw the demon inside, quite a vicious looking thing.

  • Big teeth, sharp. Gray.

  • But I could see it inside as it moving inside my body.

  • I looked and said, "Okay. My body's fine. There's a demon inside there.

  • And everybody is talking to this demon.

  • And I could see interdimensionally everything that was going on.

  • I could see my organs, the meridian lines, and the cells, and the expression of the energy.

  • You know, frequency movements. God knows what. Everything!

  • So I found myself in the dimensions. Now,

  • obviously for a moment, I didn't completely understand where I was.

  • I just kind of looked at everything.

  • And I saw like, you know, the white plates.

  • They looked like white plates going up. I went, hmm. Let me go up.

  • So I went up. Now this was quite a strange experience.

  • Because, there's no "walking" like a movement. Like a movement of yourself. So you've knida have to "move" up.

  • "Move" yourself "up." You just do it. Jeez, I can't explain to you "how," exactly. You just do it. You're able to do it.

  • So I started "moving up."

  • And there I met some beings on this "plane." Like a white glass.

  • And I met these beings. and I asked them, and I told them,

  • "Hi. My name is Winged. And I'm here in the dimensional existence, I suppose.

  • This is the dimensional existence, right?" I asked them this question, and they said, "yeah."

  • "Did you just die," they asked me.

  • And I said, "Possibly. In a way, yeah."

  • But the strange thing is, there's currently a demon i my physical human body.

  • I am here. And I'm just exploring.

  • Now, I want to know exactly where I am. You know, "What's going on here. Who are you guys? Now what's happening here?"

  • This is my first time actually experiencing all of this.

  • I've never read anything about the dimensions, or what it looks like, what's going on, how everyone is experiencing themselves.

  • Here I am, experiencing this first hand as myself.

  • They were all confused. Here I am, experiencing this first hand as myself.

  • They were all confused.

  • The first woman, her name was Clarise (I remember her, she was the first one),

  • and she says to me, "No. I can't believe it. It's impossible.

  • Your body cannot still be alive. Well, you're here. When you come here to this place, you are dead."

  • And then I started speaking about and telling her about-- okay,

  • "What is death then? Because it's impossible. Because my human physical body is still alive,

  • and I'm still here. So what is your definition of death?

  • They said, "When your physical human body dies and you come here, you have died ."

  • "Well, that's a little bit strange, because my body's still alive and there's a demon busy talking there, yet I'm still here and I 'm still experiencing myself."

  • You know, so, I had to show them were my physical human body is,

  • and that my body is still alive. I am still able to enter.

  • And all those experiences. Oh, yeah...

  • You know they took me to this place because they thought I'd "gone crazy?"

  • Because they thought that I hadn't -- I "Died," but I don't want to believe I had died.

  • I don't wanna make peace with it. They told me that if I hadn't made peace" with that now I died,

  • then I would end in up the demon dimension.

  • They really thought I was going mad. That I was crazy.

  • Because I had to "make peace" with the fact that I was dead.

  • And I just kept telling them and laughing, and saying, "I'm not dead! My body is still alive." And that was how I took them to my body and I said, "That's my body!

  • And it's still alive. Look! There's a demon inside it!"

  • And they couldn't believe it. So I had to show them. "I'm going back into my body." So I went back into my body.

  • (That was also strange, because, when I first told them, "Okay. I came out-- how do I get back in?)

  • And they showed me how I could "switch" time. I could go look into the past and look into the future.So I said, okay.

  • Well, if I knew how the demon got into my body, Then I'll know how to get back in.

  • Because I didn't know how to get back in. I don't even know completely, how I got out!

  • I just knew I'm here.

  • And, so I looked; past, how the demon got in. So they just stood in the center of my being, and they just "psssst"..

  • and intergrated themselves into the body. I said, okay. Let's me do that..." So I kind of went in sideways. Placed myself in the center and went back in...

  • and then I went back out and brought another demon in!

  • So I tell them, "Look. There's my body. Body still fine and alive. There's demons.

  • Now, I'm here experiencing myself in the dimensions.

  • And they were all shocked.

  • They all breathed in.

INTERVIEW 10: The Dimensional Planes

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