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  • once in a while, somebody puts the story out that you get interested in.

  • And this is very different from anything I've ever done before.

  • I'm hurl.

  • It's inspired by true events.

  • How did you come into all that money?

  • Well, I'm not gonna lie, Thio.

  • I'm a high and giggle Oh, come on.

  • I'm the drug mule for the cartel and I've got 305 kg of cocaine sitting in the back of my truck.

  • He becomes like a Robin Hood character because he makes all this money, but he goes around, starts helping people that need things.

  • How about shelling out another bundle?

  • Fix the ice skating rink up the old rec center?

  • Don't let the main me.

  • I thought it was more important to be somebody out there than a damn failure.

  • I was in my own home just watching Clinton so entrenched in his role.

  • It was very moving.

  • He lived so long, I think I lost your filter.

  • I never realized ever had one battle of on you.

  • Clint's every actor's dream legacy that he has, how he directs.

  • You can see that attention is paid to things that give authenticity and depth of the storytelling don't look in that bad.

  • You might think you can identify us, but don't forget we know who you are.

  • The space that Clint creates.

  • He just wants you to try things.

  • And he wants a record experiences.

  • Family is the most important thing.

  • I learned that the hard way should be listening to your inner voice more than your brain basically is.

  • Did you emotionally transfer what you're trying to do over the audience?

  • I've been in combat before.

  • I'm not intimidated by you.

  • Weigh all have obstacles toe hurdle in life and he pushes the envelope.

once in a while, somebody puts the story out that you get interested in.

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THE MULE - Clint Eastwood: The Legacy Continues

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/01/27
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