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  • Your dresses have arrived!

  • It's quite ravishing!

  • Our costume department is incredible.

  • It is Regency with a twist.

  • Everything is just so bold and it's beautiful.

  • We knew how important wardrobe was, so we went to the best.

  • Lucky for us, Ellen said yes and she was up to the challenge.

  • She ended up making

  • some incredible pieces of wardrobe for us.

  • This interpretation of 1813 needed to be

  • an overview of how we can add modern elements to it.

  • We've made it more luxurious and more sumptuous,

  • and we've introduced a modern color palette,

  • but really tried to stick to the basic foundation

  • of the 1813 silhouette.

  • I walked in, thinking beige bonnets and carriages

  • and then Ellen showed me the book,

  • which had the sort of ideas of the costumes, the colors, the shapes.

  • She went, “Real,” and it was, like, a painting from the time.

  • "High fashion," and it was a high-fashion thing.

  • Then she was like, "Shonda."

  • The main thing I enjoy about it is the bravery, I think,

  • of the design of the costume.

  • The family have quite a muted, pastel palette.

  • Which is lovely, juxtaposed with our beautiful Featheringtons

  • and all their bright colors.

  • Callers, ma'am.

  • The Earl of Stafford and the Marquess of Finley.

  • My word! Well, you should have my colorful fashions to thank.

  • We want it to be a period drama like you've never seen before.

  • The kind of remit for the queen was she didn't have any continuity.

  • So every single shot that you see her in,

  • she's in something different.

  • So that drove a kind of character choice as well

  • about the gaudiness of the society.

  • The style of the show is so over the top, so gorgeous.

  • You go in, they have a warehouse

  • full of the costumes and everything.

  • You pick out any random dress, the detail on it

  • Each one of the flowers on this dress is handmade.

  • It's embellished. All the jewelry is handmade and put together.

  • I think there are close to 7,500 pieces of wardrobe

  • just made for Bridgerton.

  • Everything you see is bespoke.

  • Everything you see is made for the show.

  • Nothing comes from a costume house.

  • You can't believe you're wearing it. I never thought I'd wear this.

  • This is the moment to do the bow. I found the moment.

  • Ellen in the costume design, she has the most fabulous team.

  • The attention to detail in every aspect is extraordinary.

  • People that are working on this are so talented.

  • The corsets have been made by the famous Mr. Pearl,

  • who's done all the crazy corsets in the last 20, 30 years.

  • I don't know if there are corsetry acting awards,

  • but I would like one for doing a full jig in this. It wasn't easy.

  • I'm in a different outfit every scene, basically.

  • We counted. I have 104 dresses, which is just madness.

  • It has definitely offered a great challenge

  • and it has definitely offered a great delight at the same time.

  • The size of the show is mammoth.

  • It was daunting when we first looked at it.

  • But I'm very proud to say that this team is like no other

  • and it has risen so far above any expectation.

  • The bar is so high.

  • The illustrious words that come to this author's mind

  • the morning after any good party

  • are "shock" and "delight."

Your dresses have arrived!

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