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  • (dramatic orchestral music)

  • - I thought you said you wanted some company.

  • - Mm-hmm.

  • - What for?

  • We've been driving for six hours

  • and you ain't said a fucking word.

  • - (exhales) Lloyd, I'm trying to choose my words.

  • - Shit, you should've been able

  • to write the fucking song by now. (exhales)

  • (trailer rattling)

  • You old softie.

  • (door slamming)

  • You been kicking the shit out of this bloomer

  • ever since we left the ranch.

  • - He deserved to have his last joy ride in style, Lloyd.

  • Easy boy.

  • You didn't seem to like living with us, did you?

  • I got to say, the feeling is mutual.

  • Hope you like it better here,

  • (horse neighing)

  • 'cause you ain't welcome back.

  • I'm getting married.

  • - Yeah, I've been wondering what's up with you lately.

  • - I need a best man.

  • - Kayce's her brother.

  • Fixing to be yours.

  • You should ask him.

  • - Probably so, but I ain't.

  • I'm asking you.

  • (orchestral music)

  • (horse neighing)

  • (horse trotting)

  • (orchestral music)

(dramatic orchestral music)

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