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  • in today's competitive global market, effectively communicating with colleagues, customers and partners around the world is essential.

  • Now more than ever, having an English proficient workforce is vital for business success.

  • In 1979 E.

  • T.

  • S developed the towing program, now one of the world's leading English language assessments for the workplace.

  • The towing tests include features that any quality language assessments should have.

  • These include AH four skill approach and evidence centered test design, standardized and rigorous tests, security and administration, a consistent and reliable scoring process and clients support services.

  • Insurance score Users understand test scores Let's take a closer look at how our rigorous scoring process helps ensure that you can always trust the outcomes of our assessments.

  • Once test takers air finished taking the test, those tests need to be scored.

  • The scoring process is a critical factor when evaluating a quality assessment.

  • Listening and reading skills are measured using multiple choice questions with which the objectivity of scores is certain.

  • The scoring of multiple choice answer sheets is automated and quality control procedures ensure accuracy.

  • Speaking and writing skills, however, are measured with open ended questions.

  • This means that test takers air asked to produce spoken and written responses that must then be evaluated.

  • The towing program employs qualified human Raiders to evaluate stoic speaking and writing responses.

  • Toe X speaking and writing.

  • Test scoring is a rigorous process built to ensure the most fair and valid results for every response.

  • Unlike an interview test, for example, where evaluators may exhibit unfair biases, Toe IQ test taker responses are randomly and anonymously assigned to Raiders, effectively minimizing bias.

  • Each toe X speaking and writing test is evaluated by no less than six highly qualified Raiders.

  • All Tokyo Raiders are required to have specific experiences and education.

  • In order to qualify as a toke certified raider, all applicants must complete a certification test.

  • Each raider is qualified, certified, trained and calibrated thio each item type before they're able to score for each scoring session at least once per day, a raider must pass a scoring accuracy test refer to as calibration to ensure they are aligned with the scoring guidelines.

  • Raiders who do not pass calibration on any given scoring session are not allowed to score Toe X.

  • Certified Raiders are also regularly monitored by scoring leaders to help assure complete score accuracy.

  • Your choice of assessment not only impacts your organization but also builds the workforce of the future.

  • 68% of global executives say that English is necessary to succeed in global markets.

  • Prepare your organization for success by using the tow IT program, the world's leading English language assessment for the workplace.

  • To find out more about the towing program, contact your local ETFs preferred network member because for decisions that matter to you, the assessment you choose matters.

  • Contact your local CPN member by visiting www dot toast global dot com.

in today's competitive global market, effectively communicating with colleagues, customers and partners around the world is essential.

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