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  • Hey, Kate.

  • John thinks I'm in the bathroom, so I don't have much time.

  • You know him pretty well, right?

  • Well, we've worked side by side for 19 years, so... no.

  • I've done everything in my power to avoid getting to know John.

  • Do you think I haven't noticed what's been going on?

  • This is the freest I have felt in years!

  • John is finally leaving me alone. He's got you now.

  • Today, I read an article at lunch, a full article.

  • How do I make it stop?

  • Oh, that's easy.

  • Just go back in time, stealing from his crib, and undo all the repressed trauma from his childhood.

  • Or... you can poison him.

  • But I'd suggest doing that over the course of a few years.

  • That's what the article I read says.

  • They got it to their sharpshooter. Top of the key.

  • Pump fake, pump fake. Got him up.

  • Oh! Nothing but net. You see that, Matt?

  • No, I didn't.

  • Well, pay attention.

  • Thought you wanted my eyes on these.

  • That's why God blessed you with two eyes, Matt.

  • Right? Look.

  • Through the zone. Get off me! Iso, iso.

  • Crowd roars. Johnny Stockton!

  • Little help, Matt?

  • Come on.

  • Come on, John. There we go. Yep.

  • Top of the key. Olympics. It's the Olympics now.

  • Just go back in time, and undo all the repressed trauma from his childhood.

  • They got him. This is for your country and for myself.

  • Oh! Oh! Did you see that one, Matt?

  • I did, John.

  • You did a good job making that basket.

  • You're a good boy and a great boss.

  • And you know what else, John?

  • I love you.

  • I'm sorry. What was that?

  • I love you, buddy. And I'm so proud of you.

  • God damn it, Matt.

  • There's a line, and as usual, you use those long, repulsive legs to leap right over it!

  • I'm your boss, for Christ sake!

  • I'll say who loves who around here!

  • And the only thing that I love is professionalism in the workplace!

  • So get the fuck out!

  • And you can forget about re-watching that Thai boys doc!

  • Because I'm changing the password to Boundaries123!

  • Oh, damn it. Now he knows the new one.

Hey, Kate.

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Setting Boundaries with Your Boss - Corporate

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    林宜悉 posted on 2022/06/20
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