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  • quarterback Matthew Stafford is not expected to return to the lines this off season.

  • With Detroit now listening to trade offers around the league that will begin this week.

  • And despite putting up great numbers, Stafford has, as you know, never found success in the postseason is three and three playoff appearances is 282.

  • Career passing touchdowns are the most by a quarterback without a playoff win in NFL history.

  • So we have a lot of people close to this story.

  • Let's start with Adam Schefter, whose story it was over the weekend.

  • Schefty.

  • What can you tell us about Matthew Stafford in his future?

  • He's gonna get traded.

  • Green.

  • He's not gonna play again in Detroit and the Lions.

  • They're gonna listen to offers and decide which place to send Matthew Stafford.

  • And I think both sides welcome the change.

  • It will be interesting to see where Stafford winds up.

  • It will be interesting to see the direction that the Lions decide to go, but he's played there 12 years.

  • They've gone to the playoffs.

  • I think three times have not won a playoff game and I think both sides feel like it's just the right.

  • Time to hit, reset and move on.

  • I think there will be interest in Matthew Stafford turns 33 years old.

  • I think it's next month.

  • He has a contract for two years for $43 million which is actually very friendly in today's quarterback world friendly cap terms.

  • I think the Lions think that they could get back at least a first round draft pick in return for Matthew Stafford.

  • And Dan obviously is well familiar with Matthew Stafford's abilities and what he would be able to bring to a team.

  • But Matthew Stafford will not play again for the Detroit Lions.

  • He's finished there, and they will wind up trading him here and again.

  • It should be pointed out they can agree to a trade today if they want.

  • They cannot process and formalize that trade to make it official until the first day of the league year, which is in mid March.

  • Okay, fair enough, so but that's something to be keeping an eye on.

  • And you were right.

  • He will turn 33 in February.

  • Dan Orlovsky, you played with Stafford.

  • You know, im extremely well.

  • I know how close you are.

  • What perspective can you offer on this?

  • Yeah, it's obviously disappointing.

  • And for his career in Detroit, You know, I think one of the things that always stood out to me with Matthew was how big a deal it was for him to try and win one for that city like it was a big deal to him.

  • He wanted to be the guy that brought that city of championship.

  • They just wasted a Hall of Fame caliber career in Detroit by mismanagement of rosters and all that stuff.

  • So it's the right time.

  • I've said that for a while.

  • Now it's the right time, and the reality is this green, where he goes, that team, I'll say this.

  • Whatever teams are in the DeShaun Watson running and the DeShaun Watson conversation, they should be into the Matthew Stafford conversation as well.

  • And so wherever he goes, that team automatically takes a step forward.

  • If it's San Francisco or Indy, those two teams, they become Super Bowl contenders.

  • He's that great of a player.

  • Nique, where you looking?

  • If you're going to try and find a spot that you would be interested to see Stafford wind up, give me a place I think San Francisco into India.

  • Good ideas.

  • I think Washington is a spot, but one thing that we haven't heard much about that I think would be smart is the Broncos, like the Broncos have a ton of talent at receiver and Matthew Stafford with With Fat and Judy and Handler.

  • I think that he could go out there and really cook and toe pair up with that defense.

  • Hopefully, von Miller comes back near his M V P defensive MVP level, or at least close to it.

  • That team could be a problem for Casey in that division.

  • Give me a spot, Danny.

  • I say San Francisco I think San Francisco is the ideal spot for him.

  • And again, if he goes to San Francisco, this team goes to the top of the NFC food chain.

  • E mean Kyle Shanahan has had three top five offenses with three different style of quarterbacks.

  • This one would probably be if Matthew goes there.

  • He probably is the most talented one that Karl has ever worked with, and it's a perfect scheme fit.

  • They've got young receivers.

  • If he goes to San Francisco, it's an absolute home run in the NFL Greeny the NFL community will finally get to see how great of a player Matthew is.

  • That's an Hft.

  • You know, there's another team that hasn't been mentioned in this that will be looking for a quarterback we expect will be New England and Bill Belichick.

  • So there's a lot of different places to keep a nigh on.

  • Schefty final thought.

  • Well, Indianapolis, Also in the quarterback market.

  • But look, look at the names we're talking about here.

  • Matthew Stafford to Shawn Watson, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, maybe Aaron Rodgers.

  • All the free agent quarterbacks who are out there like Cam Newton.

  • Mitchell Robiskie.

  • This offseason of quarterbacks is gonna be like any other green.

  • You're gonna be unprecedented.

  • Thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

quarterback Matthew Stafford is not expected to return to the lines this off season.

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