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  • watched him last night because of the matchup of the honest situation.

  • But gin was on with us just now.

  • Ladder was on with us out of Milwaukee, and and she said the Yannis is trying to figure out where his role as on the team and I was going toe.

  • I was gonna tell J.

  • Thio ask her a question.

  • But then I was thinking Okay, well, if he's trying to figure out his role, didn't they just give him Max deal?

  • Because his role is the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • You are the role.

  • Like I don't get why he's trying to figure out his role.

  • I just gave you all this money, man.

  • Take control, be in charge.

  • They didn't pay you because you was big.

  • They paid you because you was big and good in their eyes.

  • You shouldn't have to figure out your world.

  • I don't understand that.

  • You gotta pick your way through things.

  • No, no, You gotta be the guy, period.

  • Like you've got to dominate on both ends of the floor.

  • You cannot be a passive aggressive.

  • You've got to just be the guy.

  • I don't I don't get that j.

  • He guarded a D last night, but offensively, I mean, look, he had 25 points, 12 rebounds, Decent numbers for Yonas.

  • I think there's a lot more.

  • He shot air ball last night.

  • Get was gonna fill up the stat line, right?

  • I mean, yeah, I mean, but the last game versus Nets, he had 30.

  • He had 34 right?

  • 34 I think, in 15.

  • It was a different.

  • It was a different field.

  • You know, these last two games, can you just, I think the Nets or a layer above the Milwaukee Bucks?

  • I think the Los Angeles Lakers air a layer above the Milwaukee Bucks.

  • And that's why I asked you that question about, you know, people on Twitter.

  • I was like, You can't compare anybody thio Kobe.

  • And I'm like, No, I'm not comparing anybody in this league right now to Kobe.

  • I'm saying who is the closer?

  • Because the guy that you paid 40 plus million dollars to, he's gonna get you those numbers, but he's not gonna close games for you.

  • Is that true?

  • Holiday like I don't know if that's Chris Middleton.

  • I watched Chris Milton in the bubble last year.

  • I watched him against the Nets.

  • I'm I'm not sure.

  • I think maybe it has to be true Holiday, but that z always going to be the question.

  • We're gonna ask about the bucks because the closer isn't the guy.

  • That part of closing is not just shooting a jumper.

  • Part of closing is getting the ball in your hand, creating the file, getting the and one.

  • Whatever the case may be, that is, who you are is a closer and clearly, you know, when you start using names of Kobe and Michael Jordan's and the LeBron James is and the Steph Curry's people start to think about shooting deep threes.

  • And and that's not what you're saying.

  • What you're saying is the dog down the stretch.

  • I'm going to take five of the next seven shots.

  • Give me 567 shots taken, period.

  • There's nothing else to talk about, and then I'm meeting you.

  • Whoever brings the ball up court, that's your dog.

  • I'm meeting you.

  • That was very interesting, Jason.

  • Um, it's just a laptop.

  • Go ahead.

  • So I'm gonna meet you at half court, and I'm slapping the wood and I'm getting ready to go.

  • That's what we're talking about when we say closing.

  • I'm not passing off.

  • No, I'm not passing off.

  • No, I'm not.

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watched him last night because of the matchup of the honest situation.

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