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  • How does Aaron Rodgers have to prove in this one?

  • Listen, man, like, yo, so let me say this first.

  • When I heard me to say bunny hop R c, you already know what I was thinking.

  • I'm somebody about to get about to get it cracking.

  • You know what I'm saying?

  • Come on.

  • But But listen.

  • Uh, hey, America America, Mina Kimes and Ryan Clark came to tell you all about football.

  • I don't give a damn about the X's and O's.

  • I'm about the dude and the legacies.

  • So let's get the Aaron Rodgers.

  • Aaron Rodgers has an opportunity right now to not be in the same discussion that Drew Brees is in, right?

  • If you think about Drew Brees his career, there is not much you can put up against it.

  • Outside off.

  • Just winning one Super Bowl, right?

  • If you're gonna enter into that greatest of all time conversation is gonna take multiple, it's going to take multiple, because what's going to happen to and Aaron Rodgers understand this.

  • At 37 years old, Patrick Mahomes ain't gonna play in his last A F C championship or possibly Super Bowl in his career, the way Kansas City has been doing it this year.

  • Aaron Rodgers took everything personal, but he did it with a great personality, a great field.

  • He came in talking about the success.

  • He wanted to play free and have a good time.

  • He wins this and then has the chance to win a Super Bowl.

  • Let's say he meets Patrick Mahomes.

  • Think about the storyline that's gonna come out of that.

  • Y'all.

  • We're talking about two of the best, most talented guys we've ever seen at the position.

  • Potentially could have a chance to go head to head in the Super Bowl and Aaron Rodgers.

  • Win that, and then we get another goat.

  • Thio.

  • Enter the conversation alone with Tom Brady.

  • Absolutely no.

  • First off, I think you're wrong here.

  • We already know he's better than Drew Brees.

  • It's not.

  • Part of the conversation is not to, you know, poo poo.

  • Drew Brees his career in any way.

  • Drew Brees is very good.

  • The first ballot Hall of Famer never been.

  • He ain't never been Aaron Rodgers.

  • This is how Aaron Rodgers was sitting this house on draft night when we was doing the little mega cast or whatever we were doing When I was in the back, he was looking at his phone like this and he said, You draft Jordan love.

  • Then he looked up, he said, And I took that personally because that's the way that he's played this entire season.

  • But look at it.

  • If Aaron Rodgers wins the MVP, right, that's three.

  • That puts him in rarefied air.

  • The Jim Brown Air, the Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Johnny United Bond.

  • Now you add on top of that, the second ring.

  • We got to start talking about him and that goat conversation because we all love Joe Montana.

  • We understand what he accomplished.

  • There's no way we're picking Joe Montana before we pick Aaron Rodgers.

  • This gets him in a different discussion.

  • This puts Aaron Rodgers above.

  • You were just talented, and but though still dot, dot, dot dot No, it says you want to.

  • You want when you were a young man you want when you are older, man, and you had MVPs in both phases.

  • Aaron Rodgers has a chance to change his narrative, and that's what this game is about.

  • So you guys know me.

  • You know Winds are not a quarterback.

  • Stat is a message.

  • I live by its in my Twitter bio literally, argued Thea Other day that feeling purpose belongs in the Hall of Fame.

  • Um, but I'm I will never die on Ring Mountain.

  • However, you guys are right.

  • Ryan is absolutely right that if Aaron Rodgers did win another Super Bowl, we wouldn't just have to say he's the most talented quarterback.

  • I'd say Patrick Mahomes is in that conversation was unequivocally say he belongs in the goat conversation.

  • My like my screen is getting brighter because the light is shining upon me of Aaron Rodgers.

  • Great, Right now.

  • Hey, I love it.

  • Marcus Marcus, while you dance really fast that draft mega cast that Ryan brought up remember when Ryan was like, halfway through?

  • He's like, Oh, is this going somewhere?

  • Like he he thought we were all just hanging out.

  • Hey, you know, I was going anywhere, E no, eso Sorry.

  • It's just the best way I was like I wanted to do.

  • And he's like, Oh, this is going somewhere.

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How does Aaron Rodgers have to prove in this one?

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