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  • the M V P Award is wide open.

  • And guess what?

  • There's a couple of centers that have put themselves in the conversation.

  • Joel Embiid.

  • You'll take a look at him tonight.

  • He's the only player with 40 points and 10 rebounds in a game this season.

  • He's done that twice.

  • Meanwhile, the Joker.

  • He's averaging a triple double and leading the league in assists among qualified players.

  • The last center toe lead in assists was Wilt Chamberlain in 1967 and 68.

  • And speaking of Walt Centers, winning the M V P used to be the norm in the sixties and the seventies.

  • But that's changed as of late.

  • No center has won the award since Shock did it in 2000.

  • So that brings up the question.

  • Can a classic big We're talking a classic big.

  • Their back is to the basket, you know they're posting up there, grinding it out there.

  • Getting boards can actually still win the M V P Award J Roses back, Jay Willis here and J well, we'll start with you.

  • Is it possible?

  • And this new new look MBA Yeah, because I think both of these guys, they're not traditional Biggs, right?

  • I mean, look at the way Yokich makes everybody else around him better leading the league and assist.

  • And Joel and Beat is playing at a different level this year, but also his ability to space the poor the way you can bring the ball up the court.

  • I mean, Doc Rivers has allowed Joel and be the play like the world and beads played a lot last year, but a lot of you were hating on him.

  • You wonder what's Dollar dwelling bees game?

  • Where you going to see is back to the basket Now Joel Embiid can be can do whatever you want.

  • Look, is it likely that they will win an M V P potentially?

  • But the same time when their guys in the league like LeBron James, who was obviously playing on the best team and is the best player in the league?

  • With Kevin Durant averaging 30 and shooting 50% from the field and Luca averaging a triple double, it's gonna make it very difficult with the styles that these guys were playing.

  • Joel Embiid.

  • He leads the league right now, and post ups and points scored off of those post ups But J.

  • Rose, let me ask you a question.

  • If you're building a team today, you get your pick of the litter and centers and you're choosing between the Joker and and beat.

  • Who are you going with?

  • Ah, this is tough.

  • But when you said building, I think that swayed my vote because if it was one night or a seven game Siri's, I'll take Joel and be because of what he's gonna also give me defensively blocking shots and rim protecting.

  • But if you're talking about building, it has to be a joker.

  • He showed me that he could score, get boards and assist, and he lent the Denver Nuggets to the Western Conference playoffs last season.

  • He's also amongst the league leaders in steals.

  • So if you look at what he's done with his team the last couple of seasons versus N B, that is a small sample size.

  • So the Joker, if you're trying to build for the long haul, Okay, well, forget building for the long haul, J.

  • Rose.

  • Just just give me your best big all time.

  • You just brought up Wilt Chamberlain.

  • Who are we going with?

  • So, you know Kareem has class and he has the elegant skyhook.

  • And Bill Russell has the championships.

  • J and Shock has the finals MVPs three in a row.

  • But nobody put up numbers like Wilt Maria.

  • Nobody, nobody, nobody, even a video game numbers.

  • Y'all seen that name?

  • Online?

  • Way had, like, 50 points, like 30 boards.

  • 20 assists, 10 blocks, 10 steals.

  • Oh, and he put up numbers off the court to he sent it in his book.

  • He put up more numbers off the court.

  • Than 99% of people put up numbers on the court.

  • So well, Chamberlain is the most dominant.

  • J will.

  • I'm gonna ride with J.

  • Rose.

  • I'm gonna go with Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

  • I mean, just think about 19 time, eh?

  • NBA All star when you think about 11 NBA all defensive teams six time M v p Just j Rose.

  • You said it, man.

  • That skyhook.

  • There's something.

  • That thing was beautiful, man.

  • That was the first time out.

  • I was like, I wanna be a big you know me out there.

  • 58 when I'm, like, 78 years old, working on the hook, shot just the way he played the game because of the elegance that came along with J Well, don't lie You ain't never been a big You've never been telling us to pretend like you were a big and your feet are No, no, no, no, no, no.

  • Maria Number.

  • You're wrong on this one.

  • I was a powerful in high school.

  • Look it up powerful and post.

  • That's really cute.

  • That's real cute, J Rose.

  • All right.

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the M V P Award is wide open.

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