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  • today I want to tell you about a guy.

  • You may know him for his comedy.

  • You may know him for his mustache, but today I want you to know him for his religion.

  • Hey, I'm Steve Harvey, stand up.

  • Comedian, entertainer, television host, family man.

  • But most importantly, I happened to be a man of faith.

  • Steve is a very successful guy.

  • He has made more money than he ever thought.

  • He has become more famous than he ever thought.

  • But at the same time, he managed to keep his relationship with God closer than ever.

  • Why did you not lose faith as you became more successful?

  • If I could make myself successful, I would have done it a long time ago.

  • I would have skipped so many of the lessons I had to learn.

  • But it's not that it's a process.

  • Success and happiness is a process man.

  • And in this process, I was very aware of the amount of faith that was needed.

  • And as a matter of fact, it really took more faith than I even thought I had see.

  • Oftentimes, people who are religious think their religion is right and everybody else is wrong.

  • There is on Lee.

  • One way to God.

  • But Steve's faith is unique because it's really not about that.

  • There's no one one way to heaven, No, one way to paradise.

  • It's like television.

  • Now it's over 800 channels of cable, and they're all pretty entertaining.

  • So I'm pretty sure, man that to get to heaven there's gotta be more than one route because somebody watching another channel are taking another channel than you.

  • They still getting entertained and they probably still getting to heaven.

  • This'll isn't just stock.

  • Steve lives by these words.

  • He has three sons, two of them.

  • He gave them Christian names like Brodrick and one of them.

  • He gave a Muslim name, Ali, as a sign off respect and appreciation for the Muslim religion and the Muslim culture.

  • E name to Mali because I knew I knew then that he might be different.

  • I knew you have no problems with Oh, because when you come here, you understand Islam is a religion of peace.

  • Why you got a problem with peace?

  • It's just a name, but it's a big step to showing respect to people off other cultures.

  • What Steve did reminds me a lot off this mosque.

  • This mosque in Abu Dhabi belongs to people in the Islamic faith.

  • But as a sign off tolerance to the church's next to them, they renamed the mosque to marry Mother off Jesus Mosque.

  • Can you imagine a mosque with the name Jesus on it?

  • Yeah, the world could use a little bit more that it's just a name, but it's a big step to showing respect.

  • You know, When I named my youngest son and I gave him the name Ali, I never really understood exactly what I was doing.

  • I had a feeling about it, but now when I look at this name right here and it says, Married, the mother of Jesus Mosque, uh, comes and gives me a little bit more the understanding.

  • Maybe it was something I didn't quite know at the time, but now it's starting to make a whole lot more sense on.

  • It's not just about Christians and Muslims.

  • It's about Christians, Muslims, Jews and everybody else.

  • At a time when religious intolerance is on the rise, we need many, many more off these mosques, many, many more off people like Steve.

  • After hanging out with Steve for a week and visiting mosques, churches and museums in the Emirates.

  • I am convinced religious harmony, religious respect, religious tolerance is the most important thing, and we need to promote that every single day.

today I want to tell you about a guy.

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