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  • the quickest feet I've ever seen in my life.

  • You know, not all receivers are equal, right?

  • He was one of the quickest, best footwork.

  • And Ted, that's where we'll start, man.

  • Because when you look at the game today, you know it's not the same price that you have to pay going over the middle bang gates, all those things that you were great at.

  • When you look at some of these receivers, like who reminds you of yourself as faras, the total receivers faras the footwork, not these big guys that just run straight and Debo.

  • You know what?

  • Who's the route runners in the game?

  • But you look up to, uh, probably run.

  • Is they kind of separate themselves from everybody else Would be, you know, Davante Adams.

  • Keenan Allen doesn't get the credit that he deserves.

  • Being able to create separation and manipulate DBS Um, Stefon Diggs is another one that is like that.

  • You know, individuals that aren't as Bigas some of the other bigger receivers, so they have toe creating, get open in different ways, you know, without using muscle, but using their footwork and those that want to be my top three now when you go back down Memory lane.

  • Man, do you ever wish or think what your what your legacy would have been if you would have played for a different organization.

  • Now, I know at at the end of your career you try to get out of there.

  • But, you know, you were You're already one of the most popular players in the NFL.

  • But if you have went toe, um, or bigger mark No, no, no, not bigger, Martin.

  • Not bigger.

  • Mark Morris.

  • Stable organization.

  • You're going, Do you think Do you think Do you think that possibly you will be looked even in a greater regard as far as one of the best receivers ever to do it?

  • Yeah, probably So.

  • Probably so.

  • I mean, who Who's to say Who's to say you switch Reggie Wayne and I and I'm in India with Peyton Manning and an organization of that magnitude?

  • Um, what would happened?

  • But I was a bangle, and I did the best I could with the cards I was dealt, and I think I did a pretty damn, you know, good job at it.

  • So I never really looked at it from that standpoint.

  • The way you just mentioned it.

  • I never thought about it like that.

  • I just I just knew going there once I got drafted.

  • Of course, I heard all the nay Sayers saying, All dude, you went to, you know, horrible place at the time, especially during those times in early two thousands.

  • You know, they were the laughing stock of league, and I just try to find a way.

  • How can I change that?

  • How can I, you know, said shit.

  • Some type of light on this team, even though I'm not a quarterback, which is usually the type of player that comes to an organization, is able to change it.

  • But I did the best I could from the wide receiver position, just being a polarizing figure in attracting the eyes to the city of Cincinnati, even though we weren't good.

  • Ted Johnson joins us right now in the Goodyear hotline.

  • So let me ask you then, as we see the four quarterbacks playing this weekend championship weekend, Tom Brady when you played with Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, if you could pick which quarterback you'd want throwing to you, which one would it pay?

  • Um, e I mean, you really can't go wrong with either before, But if I had to take a pic, I probably pick.

  • Um, I probably picked Aaron.

  • I probably pick Aaron.

  • Interesting.

  • Why?

  • Um, I just like him.

  • Him and Davante Adams have a certain chemistry of certain connection.

  • So where they go on their own page, at times they improvised based on covered in what they see.

  • They have in just different.

  • I don't know if my homes has the freedom to do that yet because he's surrounded by so many weapons.

  • So if something is covered, he didn't have to improvise.

  • You just go to the next man, you know, with Aaron Rodgers and what divides have been able to do just watching them.

  • It is unbelievable.

  • Like, you know, something is coming, So all you have to do is double him and enforced Aaron to go to other places.

  • But every game he's still they still able to do it, and that just means they're on their own program.

  • At times, that has nothing to do with the offer of the scheme.

  • And I always wanted to actually, because I see you on Instagram and I see you playing D B and covering some of the best young you know, receivers in the game right now.

  • Also running routes and still being real active.

  • Have you ever thought about getting into coaching or you comfortable?

  • Just kind of mentoring young young coaches?

  • E.

  • I'm very comfortable mentoring and having fun seeing the receivers in the offseason like I am now.

  • I worked out with Justin Jefferson.

  • No, today, Um, I like I like that I did the internship when Hugh Jackman was the head coach for the Cleveland Browns.

  • I'm not even allowed to you, Bart.

  • I lasted two days.

  • I laughed.

  • I lasted two days because I didn't know it requires that type of time.

  • As a coach, I thought they came in when we did way.

  • I showed up at 6 a.m. and I wasn't leaving their toe one in the morning and this was training camp.

  • This was training camp, like, Why are we here that long?

  • In training camp?

  • I told you I told you third the third day, early morning, You I love you.

  • Thank you for the opportunity, but I'm not here working with receivers like I thought I would be doing you had me, you know, writing up depth charge and extra nose.

  • And like, that's not what I came here for.

  • And thank you, but I'm gonna go back to Miami.

  • Oh, man, I wish I could have used some of those tag gifts to be be able tell you like, Hey, you, I love you, but I got to dio Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

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the quickest feet I've ever seen in my life.

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Chad Johnson on why he would take Aaron Rodgers as his QB in the championship game | Bart & Hahn

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