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  • Let's see.

  • Oh, Fox And okay, uniforms.

  • Because on Monday night, we just talked about this a little bit ago, but they wore some L M L K inspired jerseys I think we have.

  • There they are, uh, I mean, pretty solid.

  • It features a special stained glass version of the Hawk logo reminiscent of Ebenezer Baptist Church.

  • My church, my home church.

  • Oh, really?

  • Wow.

  • You probably take us back behind the curtain on Sort of the inspiration behind that.

  • You obviously being, um, Atlanta Bread.

  • I mean, those obviously, when they first were released, everybody loving man, there was no doubt about it, just how much everybody was for the idea of looping in such a like just a massive part of Atlanta history into their jersey and into the court and everything like that.

  • Knowing all the proceeds, the profits from those jerseys go back to the King Center is another plus that is associated with this initiative by the Hawke.

  • But it was just like it was such a match made in heaven a Sfar as what it meant to the city, what it meant to that team and how it could impact the communities that are surrounding stadiums like State Farm Arena.

  • That's super dope.

  • Uh, everybody wants to get their hands on those MLK jerseys now because they want one.

  • If anybody, it's a semi one, let me know I'm getting one before you.

  • First of all, they ever reach out to, you know, Flip that requests to me if they ever not even Drippy.

  • So who wants to give a non?

  • Help me what?

  • You re Jersey.

  • Give it to me Anyways, let's talk about P.

  • J.

  • Tucker's Kobe Kobe shoes, and this is why it's hilarious.

  • Gary, you have a story about on Monday night.

  • The MBA is most decorated shoe player P.

  • J.

  • Tucker Rock Nike.

  • Kobe.

  • Six.

  • Black History Month kicks against the Bulls.

  • What happened?

  • Yeah, it's obviously not hilarious.

  • Those shoes obviously iconic, and so many people are rocking the Kobe's, um, in honor of him.

  • But in the comments section, somebody said, Hey, 34 minutes, two points.

  • Take them off, big fella, Y'all a flavor.

  • So whoever did a childish does messed up, but, you know, Kobe would have flip the script.

  • He'd had 34 points in two minutes, so I guess the guy did you have a little bit, a little bit of a leg to stand on in that regard.

  • So next one seed.

  • All right, let's talk about John Moran.

  • He returned with Kobe's help coming off of an ankle sprain that sideline him.

  • Since then, in December, he's rocks the high top Nike cooking.

  • Yeah, those fire.

  • Yeah, those air extra clean And like those hot tops are like the bastardized version of the lows that came out or whatever, have you?

  • But like you said, ankle support and everything like that, somebody had the nerve to say that these are when you get jump out of the O comments section were like, No, those air for fits on Lee.

  • I'm like, No, those air for dudes who doesn't matter what's on their feet.

  • They were going to sky out of the gym and guess what?

  • The person commenting that at three o'clock in the morning, going through Instagram ain't no really nobody's wearing those for like a regular day like comment section there.

  • Hi you are.

  • Why would you ever wear that?

  • Just as like, with jeans, I feel like that for the E that did not let me see e No, no, that would not look.

  • That looks weird.

  • Anyways, Tyree's Halliburton.

  • I like this guy.

  • He went to Iowa State.

  • I covered him when he was a rookie at Iowa State.

  • So I feel like I'm very old.

  • But anyways, hey, we've given him a lot of love and he decided to nothing but heat on his feet this season.

  • What do you feel about these Joker?

  • I mean situation.

  • Those end the Incredibles like I like the idea behind Customs, but, like sometimes they have to be pulled off in just the right way.

  • These were fine, though.

  • Its name.

  • Oh, that's all right, E.

  • They're cool.

  • I feel like he's e feel like he's young.

  • So, like, you know, young guys like toe wear stuff like this with genes.

  • E got the elf shoes on totally a young guy thing to Dio, you know, like a younger and you just feel like things air cool.

  • Not that it's not cool, but like later, you won't think it's as cool will receive.

  • Play this somebody e come for next today E love Tyree's, however, and I covered him when he was a baby.

  • I always say Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming sports and premium content.

Let's see.

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