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  • hi it's jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

  • today's question is how do i pronounce drawer

  • a storage box in furniture and draw to make pictures or to choose like we

  • draw a card let's take a look at these words we have

  • draw and drawer these words are very confusing for a lot of my students they

  • are spelled similarly but they are pronounced in

  • a little more of an unusual way so for draw

  • as you know if you have been my student for a while here on youtube

  • we do not say a w sound at the end of a word we're not

  • going to say draw and add an extra w sound we're

  • actually just going to end this word with a vowel that oh

  • sound for drawer this word looks like it should be drawer

  • and it's not pronounced that way it's pronounced drawer and we're going to end

  • with that or vowel so all of these letters here

  • become the or vowel so how do we say these

  • they both start with that d r sound dr dr

  • to do this i recommend that your lips are ready for that r sound square tense

  • shape and they are going to be ready for that

  • er sound for the r the tip of your tongue can either be pointed down

  • or flipped back just as long as it is not moving and

  • as long as it is not touching the teeth okay

  • so your lips are ready you're thinking about where your tongue is going to go

  • for the r then you're going to start with the

  • tip of your tongue behind the back of your top front teeth that is

  • touching dr dr

  • and all i'm doing is pulling my tongue from here for the d and i actually make

  • my r with my tongue tip down so you can

  • pull it down or you can flip it back

  • whichever one works best for you dr dr next we're going to end that short oh to

  • do that open your mouth in a wide oval tip of

  • your tongue will be low in the mouth and the back of the tongue will be pulled up

  • and for drawer we are going to end with that

  • or sound and to do this you're going to pucker

  • and then pull back into that square tense shape for that

  • r or let's give those words a try draw draw

  • draw drawer drawer drawer draw

  • drawer draw drawer and now for a sentence my daughter plans

  • to draw flowers on the chest of drawers give it a try

  • i know people are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful

  • we'd love a like a share and a subscribe you can check

  • out our products on google play itunes and our classes at tarle speech thanks

  • so much everyone have a great

hi it's jennifer from tarle speech with your pronunciation question

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