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  • Kyrie Irving has been the missing piece, especially since the addition of James Harden by way of trade.

  • But Kyrie back with the team after missing seven games, five of them because of personal reasons, and to to let him get up to speed with conditioning.

  • Irving telling the media yesterday he had a lot of family and personal stuff going on and just needed a pause.

  • But he is expected back in the lineup tonight against the Cavs.

  • Good to have N b A analyst Shinobu McKay with us on SportsCenter today.

  • A sigh on your end.

  • Kyrie James Harden Kevin Durant.

  • Three of the top five isolation players in the N B A.

  • Over the last eight seasons.

  • Now you gotta figure out how to make it work together.

  • How do you see that going?

  • Well, Randy, uh, feel free to dig up the results of my games like, unlike Dan, you know, I have a pretty good percentage there, But there's no denying that the Big Three in Brooklyn is super talented.

  • Now is Kyrie Irving returns.

  • I know everyone says there's only one ball for, you know, putting numbers up.

  • There's only one ball we should also recognize that each guy has qualities that can make sharing the walk work.

  • I mean, Kevin Durant showed, you know, with the Warriors, and okay, see that he can put up MVP numbers while playing off ball.

  • Kyrie has won a championship alongside one of the greatest of all time.

  • Now for James Harden, this will be a salient opportunities for him to prove that he can do just the same.

  • He sacrificed having his own team for this opportunity.

  • He's on Lee, one of the trio that hasn't yet won a championship, so it might take some time.

  • It might take some adjustments, but they have the collective talent to make it work.

  • But most importantly, this will probably be predicated on their collective will.

  • And that's what really is going to be tested from the jump.

  • Okay, off of those passage gotta able to catch and shoot.

  • And also salient is KDD having the highest field goal percentage on catch and shoot jumpers.

  • More than 47% Kyrie, 10th in the MBA, 44%.

  • So says second spectrum.

  • We all know that they can put a ball into a hoop, but to be a championship team.

  • You have to make your weaknesses, your strengths.

  • And people will slow the game down, limit possessions and test their defense.

  • And I love seeing how Katie Kevin Durant would be flying around challenging shots in the post.

  • They will need that.

  • I loved how James Harden has started switching on two bigs last season and defending on the block and using his size to rebound.

  • They will need that.

  • I love watching a Kyrie Irving pressure the ball and pass, especially that's an underrated part of his game.

  • They will need that.

  • Those extra commitments will make this team, you know, not only unguardable, but if they can do that on both ends offensively and defensively, it will make them untouchable.

  • But but really saying Please, you have to put the guys in time out because they messed up that be explosive, like we all know it to be aggressive, be aggressive.

  • I heard that.

  • I was like, Oh, goodness put them in time.

  • I e anything BB instead of b e.

  • They're hopeless.

  • Yeah, I point that out.

  • I'm glad.

  • I'm glad you pointed that out.

  • Uh, two teams contending in the east with the nets are the Celtics and the Sixers, who face off tonight in Philadelphia.

  • They get Joel Embiid back after the sword, right needs him to miss Saturday's loss against Memphis.

  • I mean, we've seen a much better and be the season tonight.

  • What more do you need to see from him in order for the Sixers to truly compete in the East?

  • Well, what we've seen so far this season was Joel and be really be aggressive.

  • You girl did it first on SportsCenter.

  • And I'm really glad that Joel Embiid is likely to be back for this one because he is having an M V P type season averaging 25 points, 25 rebounds in just about 31 minutes per game.

  • And how is he doing it well?

  • And bead is choosing his battles now, picking and choosing them not just on Twitter, but also you can see the maturity on the floor.

  • He's reading the double teams on the block, masterfully finding the right shooters.

  • This is keeping the defense honest so that he can cook.

  • That's the reason why his two point percentage is up and his three point percentage is near 40%.

  • This team goes as dwelling bead goes.

  • And without Jayson Tatum, Joel is going to be the undeniable best player on the floor against the Celtics team that really needs help in the paint.

  • So I fully expect him to go toe work and be aggressive.

  • I love it, by the way, the numbers don't lie.

  • Today they're nine and two with him in the lineup.

  • Oh, and three without him, they do go as and be ghost today.

  • Okay, the one and only.

  • Thank you.

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Kyrie Irving has been the missing piece, especially since the addition of James Harden by way of trade.

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Discussing expectations for Kyrie Iriving’s likely return vs. the Cavaliers | SportsCenter

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