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  • for Tom Brady.

  • I mean championships.

  • He doesn't have to worry about it.

  • You're running out of fingers to count.

  • He's attempting key.

  • If they win six days from now in Green Bay to play in his 10th Super Bowl.

  • Just is a guy that's, you know, been in the league.

  • Let's just think about that for a second.

  • For a guy that's had the success you've had, Ah, win against the Packers, who, by the way, will be hosting the NFC championship game for the first time in the Aaron Rodgers era.

  • Believe it or not, they played four NFC title games have all been on the road, finally coming to Lambeau for the first time since Rodgers became a starter.

  • But Brady, looking for his 10th counted, suitable riel.

  • It's just something rial.

  • I mean, it's It's not even I mean, I don't even really know how to put it in words other than the dude is magnificent.

  • I mean, what do you What do you say?

  • I mean, there's nothing.

  • You plug him in and you wind up a year later in an NFC championship game, one game away from going to the Super Bowl.

  • Now can they go to Green Band when of course they can.

  • I mean, that's always the case.

  • You've got the opportunity to chance, Um, is just dude legit?

  • What can you say?

  • I mean, it takes you all the way back to when he was drafted, or even Michigan.

  • Like, what was he like in college that he had to fight to start?

  • What was he like as a college player for the scouts, in the general managers to pass over him and for the Patriots to say I will take him to sixth round.

  • He's good enough for us to take a look at, like what did they see?

  • That they don't that 10 years later turned into something different and 20 years later?

  • So 20 years later, something is still going.

  • I just It amazes me.

  • Obviously, you could tell that the way that they were running the offense last night.

  • It was a lot of what Brady was kind of used to and some of the same principles that they did in New England.

  • Um, because you could you could look and tell that there was some comfort level that was there with both he and Gronkowski.

  • It is just the goat man.

  • So it is interesting, because Brady could have signed a one year deal with the Bucks, took him to the championship game or or to a, uh, Super Bowl and then sign with another team in 2020.

  • That's what it feels like, right?

  • You just plug him in and you go.

  • Now I've seen this before with the Kansas City Chiefs in Joe Montana.

  • Well, Joe Montana led the Chiefs to the A F C championship game when he left the San Francisco 49 Montana, by the way, Jay the last guy to start in a F C and N F C championship game.

  • And now obviously, he's gonna be passed by Brady.

  • Of course, Brady growing up his boyhood idol was Montana, and it all comes full circle, Yes, but I just want to get Bruce Arians and Byron Leftwich a lot.

  • A lot of love here in credit, because the whole season it feels like Brady has been playing a different style of football, not for every game, but just the volume in which he's been throwing the ball right.

  • A lot of deep passes has been something that we've always questioned last night, I felt like I watch Mawr of offense that was around the way to Patriots played.

  • I mean, it was probably the most balanced attack they've had all season.

  • I mean, they've had 30 runs, two backs that rushed over 60 yards, right, and it felt like there was that delicate balance.

  • And we said before, I've been saying about the whole year sometimes they're very one dimensional.

  • You knew exactly what they were going to do.

  • Whether that's little Fernet Ronald Jones, it was just their balanced attack and also zooming their defense just really stepped up.

  • I mean, you saw why they lead the league in pretty much points off turnovers, right?

  • 128 points off turnovers.

  • And they found a way to do that once again against Drew Brees.

  • It's not definitive.

  • He said it himself.

  • But, man, the signs seem there, don't they?

  • They do.

  • But you know, after an emotional game and you sit back and you think about it, you take some time to yourself.

  • Few days, you talk to the coaching staff, you see where they're at with everything and you make a decision.

  • Um, he apparently has a job waiting for him with a network out there in the universe.

  • So there's an opportunity for him to just say, you know what?

  • I've done it.

  • I've done everything.

  • But then the team is so good that you may not wanna give that up to anybody else, and you want to run it back and see if you could win a championship.

  • Yeah, I would love for it, Drew to take some time, obviously.

  • But I'll say this as as a competitors I know you have tow when you decided to call it quits, that is it.

  • You have to walk away from the game.

  • But I don't care what anybody says key, the way you end it, that sits with you.

  • And I think the way that the season ended for Drew Brees, I think it's gonna be hard for him just to say Okay, I'm willing to walk away and go into broadcasting, knowing that season with co vid rip injuries the way he 33 picks in this game.

  • Four turnovers for the Saints.

  • Um, if I'm Drew Brees, I'm really thinking about you know, I come back 43 years old.

  • We have a chance to do it.

  • I might have to do it for me not to end it this way.

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for Tom Brady.

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