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  • when you come Portugal just say Allah.

  • Hey, go on.

  • Tell you if you want to be someone from our state, you have to say name a star Hello in Swedish is hey me ha!

  • This is always say hello in Mandarin on in Beijing, someone used trauma.

  • Is that how great theaters trillium amines have you had on your yet in Chinese, my family is Iranian and to say hello and Farsi you say, Salam, If you want to be a little bit more informal though you could also say who be which.

  • Eyes asking How are you?

  • We greet each other by saying the ACC which which translates us God be with you.

  • I'm from ***, West Africa.

  • The best way to say hello, Ines.

  • Irma Ma Tarango.

  • Anyang has a oh, you do it with a slight bow, almost like they are the simplest way to say hello or in the morning during the day with a golden dying dying namaste is how we say hello in Hindi.

  • Just say, welcome on.

  • You'll be met with a smile.

  • Kyle, Hi is another word for hello no amount countries in the south west of Western Australia, in Portuguese When we say hello, we say to the bank another fun thing we do.

  • We hug and we kissed each other three times on the cheap.

  • The way we say hello in Argentina is ola.

  • But you can complemented with a slang ola chain to greet someone in the Philippines.

  • In Tagalog, you say Costa Costa actually comes from homeless Stas in Spanish.

  • Which means How are you?

  • Guten tag is pretty standard and works in Germany and Switzerland.

  • Have a great day.

  • Have fun and see you soon in Austria.

  • Symbols?

when you come Portugal just say Allah.

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A2 costa ola greet dying west salam

How to say hello in 17 languages around the world

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