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  • Amina Mohamed Abdi is one of the most visible on Dvor critics of Somalia's government.

  • But when she first stood for Parliament in 2000 and 12 aged 24 it was in defiance of elders from her her were clan.

  • You wanted to be a prostitute.

  • How can a woman can represent a colon?

  • I insisted and said, a colossal.

  • It's not composed off mean on Lee.

  • With an overdue election tentatively scheduled for next month, Abdi is gearing up to fight for a third term as the only woman in a field of six candidates contesting the same seat.

  • That's after winning that first election in a seat reserved for women.

  • Andan open seat four years later, but her interest in politics was sparked much earlier.

  • I was growing up during the Civil War, made me wanted to inter toe, enter politics, toe help rebuilding my country.

  • I remember coming home from school as an eight years old toe, find my house empty on.

  • My family fled after fighting after fighting broke out.

  • Everywhere, there was gunshot ease on motor shells were landing, being brought up in a country without a government, she says.

  • Emphasized how important the status for ensuring Children get their basic rights.

  • Such a security, clean water, Onda decent education.

  • Abdi is one of 81 women lawmakers in the 275 seat legislative chamber and as a member of the opposition Union and Peace for Development Party, she has become known for speeches labeling the government as corrupt and incapable of protecting Somalia's 15 million people accusations it denies.

  • Elections were due in December but have been delayed after the opposition accused President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed of packing the electoral board with his allies.

  • The postponement sparked protests in Mogadishu on the opposition, has threatened to boycott the rescheduled vote if the electoral board is not disbanded.

  • Talks are ongoing, but the vote scheduled for February 8th is almost certain to be delayed.

listen for today.

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