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  • How an AK-47 Works

  • When trigger is pulled, 'hammer' releases and strikes firing pin.

  • Firing pin strikes 'bullet primer' which contains a compound that explodes to ignite gun powder.

  • Expanding gases force the 'gas piston' backward.

  • The 'bolt carrier' is forced back, ejecting casing.

  • 'Bolt' pulls a new round from the magazine and inserts into barrel.

  • Bolt carrier also resets 'hammer' to starting position.

  • The 'sear' keeps hammer held in place until bolt carrier returns to position.

  • To fire in automatic, the 'selector' is moved to the middle position.

  • This holds the 'disconnector' back, keeping it from catching the hammer while trigger is pressed.

  • Modeling, texturing, and animation by Matt Rittman

  • Special thanks to: Kate Rittman (wife), Anson Call (college professor), and Nic McDougal (friend)

  • Created with Cinema 4D, Corona Renderer, and Adobe After Effects

  • This project was created solely for the purpose of illustration, and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the designer.

How an AK-47 Works

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