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  • hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech today's question is about

  • sounds that we use often at the end of words the N and the N G sound so let's

  • go ahead and take a look so we have the letter n nn that is the sound that we

  • typically hear the two letters n G two letters that equal one sound ng

  • and then this ing endings the suffix that we use ing ing all right so let's

  • start with the n sound to make this sound the tip of your tongue is going to

  • be behind the back of your top front teeth it is touching nnn the air is

  • coming out of my nose nnn the difference is the N is made at the top of the mouth

  • the ng is made with the tip of the tongue in the bottom of the mouth and

  • the back of the tongue is pulled up the tip for my students is that because the

  • G typically goes below the line think of your tongue going into the bottom of

  • your mouth so we have nnnn ng ng so again two letters one sound some areas in the

  • country you will hear people make a stronger ng and almost sounds like

  • there's a G at the end there that's fine what you don't want to do is you don't

  • want to say in with ink that K sound you want to make sure that you have the ng

  • and you have a little bit of that G there again it is not a G but we want to

  • avoid this n K and I'm going to give you an example for that alright so last we

  • have the suffix ing ing it is not eeeng we are not making along e it is actually a

  • short I however it does sound a little bit longer than you would hear maybe

  • and the word pit or sit this vowel is going to sound a little bit longer in

  • the ing ing ing so to make this what you're going to do is the mouth is going to be

  • relatively relaxed it's going to be slightly open and your tongue is going

  • to be just at the bottom of the top front teeth ing and then the tip of my

  • tongue is going to move to the bottom of my mouth for that ng sound ing ing okay so

  • let's give these all a try n ng ing ing ing all right so my word example for you is

  • we're going to start with the wiband that's going to be with puckered lips

  • and then you're gonna pull back to that short I wi wi win wing and then if

  • you make the mistake and you make that K at the end it'll sound like wink you can

  • actually hear that softer puff of air coming out and then when we add the ing

  • to words we will have winning and winging okay I just made that a super

  • hard G in there that was a mistake winging winging winging kind of hard

  • sometimes when you're overthinking it so again we have win wing wink winning

  • winging winking another tip here is if it's really difficult for you just to do

  • the ing think about starting with the letter that ends the word so in this

  • case it would be with Ning wi ning wing King and I did them all let me try

  • them one more time win wing wink winning winging winking give it a try I

  • know people are going to notice the difference if you hum this helpful we'd

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  • and iTunes and our classes at Tarle Speech thanks so much everyone

hi everyone this is Jennifer from Tarle speech today's question is about

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